Saguni Review

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Review by : Tamilstar team
Karthik, Praneetha, Santhanam
N Shankar Dayal
G V Prakash Kumar
Dream Warrior Pictures

Saguni, actor Karthi's latest movie that is released today after a gap of 18 months, is a political satire film directed by debutant director Shankar Dayal which has Pranitha or Praneetha and Santhanam in the main roles.

The expectation level for Saguni was already high but it increased to the mamooth levels the moment Billa 2 was withdrawn from the race. Another reaseon was the combo of Karthi and Santhanam who had stolen the show in Siruthai.  

Let us see whether "Saguni" lived up to the expectations of this all of a sudden spike in Demand.

According to audience and our pulse, the answer is 50% YES and 50% NO. The slow narration of the movie in the second half, has almost killed the movie if not for Santhanam and Karthi

Let us see the plot and performances in brief.

Karthi, as usual, is rocking with his sparkling and wide opened eyes all through the movie in general and in the second half in particular. He is exuding the necessary emotions such as love, sense of humour and anger with ease and he is known for that irrespective of the age group. Entire reponsibility of carrying the movie was put on him in the second half and that could have been avoided.

Santhanam is the cynosure of all eyes in the movie and helps to keep the pace of the movie in the first half and he rocks as he always do in the recent past. Karthi and Santhanam with their respective screen names Kamal and Rajni have done a good job once again but not to the level of Siruthai.

Veterans like Prakash Raj, Kota Sreenivasa Rao, Nasser and Radhika have done justice to their role and actress Radhika needs a special mention as she appears in this movie after a long gap but she made her presence felt. Heroine Pranitha has perfectly done the job of an actress who appears and disappears in regular intervals. She should have been used more. Roja, Anushka and Andrea come in few scened that are blink-you-miss type cameos. 

G V Prakash's background score travels alongside the story and Vellai Bambaram song alone needs a special mention.

Shankar Dayal, has created a script which is without any doubt is pretty good one but he at many places missed the plot. But he deserves a special appreciation for the crispy and intelligent dialogues. 

There are many loop holes in the screenplay and that dampens the pace of the movie. We are not there to point out them as it may dampen the spirit of a cinema lover.

Although not much can be said about Saguni, the film does not disappoint ordinary cinema lovers but fumbles on the eye of a cinema critic and logic-minded people.

Go see Saguni if you expect nothing more than entertainment from the film. Worth a watch but only one time.

Saguni may entertain cinema lovers but treatment is quite missing

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