Sangu Chakkaram Movie Review

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Review by : Lakshmanan Dhoni
Gheetha, Dhilip Subbarayan, N.Raja, Pradeep, Rocky, Jeremy Roske, Nishesh, Monicka, Abinethra, Swaksha, Krithik
Cinemawala Pictures

A film for children have always won the admiration of all. They guarantee abundant fun and the children act will go down well with the masses.Movies like Pasanga and Kaaka Mutta have made it big.

On similar lines comes Sangu Chakkaram, a kids movie with fantasy, horror and comedy elements by debutant director, Maarison. Coming from the stable of producers who made Naduvula Konjam Pakkatha Kaanom and Idharkuthane Aasaipattai Balakumara, which were some of the most hilarious Tamil movies in recent times, Sangu Chakkaram too provides an abundance of humour. The film is about a group of children who go to an abandoned bungalow near their colony to play.

Meanwhile, a few men with malicious intent go after the children into the bungalow not knowing that it is haunted by a mother-daughter ghost duo. The laughter marathon that ensues as the ghosts chase the men and the children chase the ghosts forms the base of the movie.

Though the movie offers nothing radical in terms of story, it is the witty one-liners from the kids that steal the show and scare the ghosts. The son of stunt choreographer Super Subbarayan, Dhilip Subbarayan has graduated from a stuntman to a crucial cast member in this film.

He impresses with his comic timing and shenanigans to keep the audience rolling with laughter. The stars of the film though are the nine kids in lead roles. Geetha who plays the mother ghost in the movie does a fine job of providing laughs as well as the scares in the movie. 

Music director, Vishal Chandrasekar who has been setting new standards has done the background score for the movie which has struck a chord with the audience.A splendid show by young team and three cheers to the kids.

Sangu Chakkaram - Children's carnival

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