Sathya Movie Review

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Review by : Lakshmanan Dhoni
Sibiraj, Remya Nambeesan, Varalaxmi Sarathkumar
Pradeep Krishnamoorthi
Simon K.King
Naathambal Film Factory

Sathya was a powerful action-packed political thriller of Kamal Haasan released long back. Hence expectations ran sky high when Sibiraj announced his next with the same title.

Sibiraj plays the title role named Sathya. There ends the similarity. The movie, directed by Pradeep Krishnamurthy of Saithan fame, is a racy and riveting show of a thriller.

The investigative film is more like caught in the maze stuff. Remya Nambeesan plays the female lead, while the cast also includes Nizhalgal Ravi,Anand Babu, Yogi Babu and Sathish. Varalaxmi Sarathkumar plays a senior police officer.The movie revolves around Sathya (Sibiraj). A techie who works in Australia is compelled to return to Chennai.

He has a task to achieve. His ex- girlfriend (Remya Nambeesan) married to an businessman now seeks his help saying that her daughter is kidnapped. She wants Sathya to help locate her girl.

But the task is not easy. It has several problems and it is very difficult. How he goes about to achieve it forms the rest. But there are some unexpected twists and turns.It is a remake of Telugu hit Kshanam. But the filmmaker has shrewdly ensured that it has enough in it not replicating the original.

The changes made suits the Tamil nativity well. The climax is unexpected and loaded with twists.Sibiraj has been choosing his stories well in the recent past.

Sathya is one in the list. It has fun, romance, action and spine-chilling moments.SIbiraj does a wonderful act. He does play the role of a youngster caught in a maze well.

His body language is good . Remya Nambeesan is cute but plays an emotional role. Varalaxmi has enough to contribute. Yogi Babu and Sathish tickle your funny bone. The highlight of the movie is Simon K King. His songs and especially BGM adds pep to the thriller.

The movie's has run time of little more than two hours making it racy and crisp. Sathya in undoubtedly the best from SIbiraj's kitty so far. Sathya lives up to its title.

Sathya Movie - Taut thriller

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