Settai – Review

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Review by : Tamilstar team
Arya, Hansika Motwani, Anjali, Santhanam, Premgi Amaren
R Kannan
S Thaman.
UTV Motion

Those who desire to experiment with viewing a boring movie could view Kannan’s ‘Settai’.  The movie provokes laughter at some places, disgust at some places, and makes audience yawn during some scenes in the movie. 

One could give a handshake to Arya for doing such a movie. Appreciations are due for Arya for having done a role with no heroism in it. 

The actual hero for the movie is Santhanam.  Since there are stereotyped scenes in many movies, people hesitate to go to a comedy movie. But Santhanam has done counter comedy and has taken people by surprise. 

As the movie had been already released in Hindi, one should say that the Tamil remake has not been destroyed to the extent of the Hindi version.  There is no flaw to the movie when taking that into account.  But in the title, they display ‘Comedy Superstar’.  Mind it Santhanam... many people are destroyed due to ego...

Arya and Premgi reside in the same room in Mumbai.  Comedy superstar Santhanam clings to these two people. 

Hero Arya does role of press reporter in Mumbai.  But Arya’s lover Hansika is high class girl.  She works as airhostess.  Hansika’s friend requests her to do small help which turns out the beginning of the story.  The friend requests Hansika to get parcel from airport and deliver it to a particular address. 

After completion of work, Hansika rushes to Arya and plays with him as his friends are around.  Also, she asks Arya to deliver the parcel at the address.  Arya hands over the responsibility to Santhanam and Santhanam passes it on to Premgi. 

In confusion, Premgi exchanges parcels and gives the wrong parcel to the concerned person.  Dada Nassar who awaits parcel is irritated.  The story is about what happens.   Anjali does another reporter and there is a small love episode. 

The character which has been wasted in the movie is that of Premgi’s.  But he saves his face by dancing for a number. 

Hansika is of course beautiful. 

The beauty in Anjali is that she looks like girl in the neighbourhood.  But, the makeup for the movie has spoilt her beauty.  But Anjali has done her role well. 

Director R Kannan has not made many changes to Delhi Belly Script.  There are few numbers which slow down the movie.  Since the story happens in Mumbai, there is no need for extra effort to show Tamil culture. 

There are two scenes in movie Delhi Belly which are obscene. These scenes are not there in the Tamil remake.  The movie has been taken with no obscenity such that it suits taste of Tamil fans. 

Numbers are the reason for slowing down of the movie. ‘Delhi Belly’ does not have songs.  The Hindi movie runs for just one and a half hours.  But, as there are numbers in the Tamil remake, the Tamil remake ‘Settai’ runs for two hours. 

But if one does not make close scrutiny of the movie, he could turn up as C Class fan and applaud as he views the movie.

Taking everything into account, the movie ‘Settai’ is a good entertainer.

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