Adra Machan Visilu Review

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Review by : Lakshmanan Dhoni
Shiva, Arun balaji, Naina Sarwar, Srinivasan
N. R. Raghunanthan

What happens when youngsters blindly follow their super hero. What happens if they spend all their time for him. What happens when they ognore their profession and become star gazers.

This is what Adra Machchan Visilu tries to convey.Directed by newcomer Thiravannan, Adra Machchan Visilu is about three friends who worship a super hero and when cheated by him, they take revenge.Stars are also human beings and they need not be role models for youths, this is what Thiraivannan conveys.Cinema, star worship, cutouts, milk pot abhishekam and punchlines found a place in the movie.

Powerstar Dr Srinivasan plays a popular actor and he is called 'Powerstar' on screen. Mirchi Shiva is his die-hard fan.Naina Sarwar, Senrayan, Singamuthu, Selva Bharathi and Arun Balaji play key roles.  

Music is by Rahunanthan and cinematography by Kashi Vishwa. Sekar (Siva) is a big fan of Powertar (Dr Srinivasan).

He enjoys life with his friends Babu (Senrayan) and Rahamad (Arun Balaji). And they out of crazy love for their hero spend all their time and money.

Sekar develops love for a rich girl Devi (Naina Sarwar). The friends are chided for their act of fan following by everyone. The trio decides to distribute a film of their hero and pays money for it. Unfortunately, the movie fails and the trio becomes debtors.

They meet Powerstar and get compensation. They are sent back insulted by the actor.They plan to get their money back. How forms the climaxShiva is the flesh and blood of the movie. He makes it an good show.

Senrayan and Rahamad get good screen space.Naina Sarwar is passable. Powerstar tries in vain to make you laugh.Adra Machan Visilu is about actors and their wayward lives.Thiraivannan has touched a tricky subject. Laughable at places.

Hero & heroism

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