Singam 2 - Review

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Review by : Tamilstar team
Suriya, Anushka Shetty, Hansika Motwani, Santhanam, Vivek, Danny
Devi Sri Prasad
S Lakshman Kumar

The present scenario in Tamil cine field is such that when a movie turns hit, the sequel to the movie is made before the sensation triggered by previous movie abates.  ‘Billa’, ‘Nagaraja Cholan MA MLA’, ‘Muni’, and ‘Vishwaroopam’ are in the list of such movies.  Tamil movie ‘Singam’, directed by Hari is now in the list of movies coming out with sequels. 

As trailer of ‘Singam 2’ was released, it caused flutter in the stomach as one viewed it.  There has been huge anticipation that the movie would turn out a seat-edge thriller.  Also, Suriya’s dialogues in the trailer turn out intimidating. 

Okay… As one reads through, he could make out that the movie is as interesting as the trailer…

The story of movie ‘Singam 2’ is a continuation of ‘Singam’. 

Durai Singam quits his police job and movies to Tuticorin where he joins as NCC officer in a school. 

As Durai Singam does his job in the school, he monitors whether arms are being smuggled in Tuticorin.  Then, Durai Singam comes to know that arms are not smuggled. But, he steps upon the truth that narcotics smuggling is more rampant.

Singam finds out that Sahayam, Thangaraj, and Bhai are the notorious thugs committing crimes headed by Danny. 

The movie is about how Singam carries out the operation to wipe out these thugs, and eradicate drug peddling in the area. 

Also, in the sequel, Singam does not marry Anushka till last.  So, there is possibility that third part of ‘Singam’ would emerge. 

As usual, Suriya has put in best of his efforts and has done the movie.  For the first one hour, he joins hands with Santhanam for comedy in the movie.  Then, he takes up responsibility as DSP in Tuticorin, and the movie turns serious as he hunts down the villains. 

Hansika competes with Anushka and romances Suriya.  But, the fact that she is a schoolgirl seems a bit absurd.

The first one hour of the movie is humorous and makes us laugh. Santhanam has contributed his best to the comedy track in the movie.  Also, he helps in reducing seriousness as swashbuckling action scenes occur in the movie. 

The whole theatre shakes with laughter at mockeries that Santhanam makes.  Also, whenever Santhanam does a mistake, he kneels down and raises his hands towards the heaven and apologizes, thus making the theatre rock with laughter. 

Vivek emerges in continuity with the first half of the movie.  Also, he makes us laugh in some scenes. And in few other scenes he has made the effort to make audience laugh. But, his efforts have not fructified. 

Like every one of Hari’s movies, the sequel to Singam has not missed out the speed in it.  The movie is a seat-edge thriller which makes us lose all sense of time. 

Numbers for which Devi Sri Prasad has composed music have already been released. But, the numbers did not score much among the audience. But when one listens to the numbers while viewing the movie, those numbers prove appeasing. 

For the movie to heap collections abroad, they have depicted a villain as Singhalese.  The movie proves interesting as Suriya makes out the plan designed by villains. Then, he scuttles their attempts, thus adding to the pep and vigor in the movie.  Scenes including the one which shows abduction of woman take the audience to the edge of the seat.  Thus, every scene proves interesting and the movie would sure turn a hit. 

Usually, in every one of Hari’s directorial ventures, there is excessive noise and violence.  Also, there would be some logic mistakes which are usual in masala movies.  Otherwise, one cannot identify any flaw in the movie. 

This is not the movie for higher class cine audience who are particular about logic.  The movie is meant for those who desire going to theatre for just entertainment.

Taking everything into account, ‘Singam 2’ is a roaring success.

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