Sivappu Review

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Review by : Suresh
Naveen Chandra, Rupa Manjari, Rajkiran
N. R. Raghunanthan
Muktha Films, SG Films Pvt Ltd

A touchy tale on the troubles faced by refugees who flee Sri Lanka to take refuge in the country is Sivappu. Directed by Sathya Siva of Kazhugu fame, dwells about the way refugees especially those coming from Sri Lanka are treated in India especially Tamilnadu.

The difficult lives of them in the island nation are dealt in detail by the director.The movie has Naveen Chandra Rupa Manjeri, Rajkiran, Selvah and Thambi Ramiah in lead roles.

They have understood their characters well and give a super show on screen. Produced by Muktha R Govind and Punnagai Poo Geetha, the movie music by Sathya Siva. National award winning cinematographer Madhu Ambat does a wonderful show behind the lens.

The movie happens in a construction site. Rajkiran is a lion-hearted ,mason who strives for the welfare of people around him. He comes across a few Tamil refugees who flee from a refugee camp and want to go Australia to lead a better life.

Rajkiran promises to help them go safe and until then makes them work in this construction site.There romance occurs between a worker Naveen Chandra and Lankan girl Rupa Manjeri.

Meanwhile police enters and sequence of events leads to the two being chased by them. When Rajkiran seks the help of a local politician Selvah, he promises but writes a different fate for them for his political gain.

What happens then forms the crux.Rajikiran does a superlative show. He is right there delivering his best. He is cool and comfortable in emotional scenes. Rupa Manjeri is a perfect choice for the lead role. she does it with ease and elan.

Three cheers to Thambi Ramiah for evoking laughter and Naveen Chandra fits the bills well.Raghunanthan's songs are good. Sivappu is a film that wound makes you worry the fate of Lankan Tamil refugees. Well made.

Sivappu - Super show

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