Manam Koththi Paravai

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Review by : Tamilstar team
Sivakarthikeyan Aathmiya
D. Imman
Ambeth Kumar Ranjeev Menon Ezhil

The hero of the movie, Kannan, who leaves the town to Chennai following a small issue, comes back.  As he returns, some people flee the place.  Then Kannan raises the question, ‘These are my friends… why are they running away?’ and then relates a flashback. 

As usual, in the movie, the hero Kannan falls in love with the girl Revathi residing in the opposite house.  Revathi’s father does a contract job.  Kannan shares the work with Revathy’s father.

As the heroine Revathi too requires to be at the side of her father to take care of the accounts, both Kannan and Revathi get chance to speak to each other daily.  Kannan relates to his friends that he is in steadfast love with Revathi, and she cannot live without him.

In a sudden development, Revathi’s father looks for a bridegroom for his daughter, and fixes the marriage.  Kannan, who comes to know this, approaches Revathi and asks ‘You know that I love you.  Then why did you agree to the marriage?’  Revathi replies ‘I do not love you.  Since we are seeing each other from childhood, I treated you a friend.’

Kannan, who is heartbroken due to the reply, boozes heavily the next day and lies unconscious.  Kannan’s friends, who pity him drug Revathi and abduct her.

Since both the hero and the heroine are unconscious, both wake up only in the morning.  Only then, Kannan’s friends come to know the truth that Revathi does not love Kannan.

As Kannan and his friends know that Revathi’s brothers are a violent type,   they fear their lives and leave for Kerala with Revathi.  There, Revathi confesses her love for Kannan.

Revathi’s brother, who goes to Kerala, asks her to leave the place with him.  Since she refuses, Kannan is dragged back to his native place.

Kannan’s friends, who rush to the native town to rescue Kannan, are assailed. Kannan too is assailed and unable to bear the humiliation Kannan leaves for Chennai with his family. The rest of the story is about whether Kannan, who leaves for Chennai, gets back to his native place and marries Revathi.

Sivakarthigeyan has given realistic delivery in the role of Kannan.  Particularly, in romance scenes and when he relates his love for Revathi to his friends, he delivers his talent in acting.

Aathmiya, who does Revathi, has given impeccable delivery and does the role with simplicity.  She is beautiful in the screen. 

Those doing Kannan’s friends as Parotta Sury, Aadukalam Narain, Singampuli Moorthy and Srinath give a tinge of comedy to the movie.  Particularly, when they abduct the heroine and then land in trouble, their face which presents a sorry figure makes the audience laugh.

Ravi Mariah who does Revathi’s brother, does both villain and comedy role perfectly.

The music composition by Imaan is wonderful.  The story, screenplay and direction are by Ezhil.  He has succeeded in maintaining the comedy track and the tempo is not lost till the climax.

The movie ‘Manam Koththi PaRavai’ sure gives the audience an enthralling experience.

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