Soodhu Kavvum – Review

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Review by : Tamilstar team
Vijay Sethupathi, Sanchita Shetty
Nalan Kumarasamy
Santhosh Narayanan
CV Kumar

Movie ‘Soodhu Kavvum’ does not stick to any particular formula so as to deliver comedy.  The story has been related in a unique manner.   At the same time, the movie story is not a trendsetter in cinema.  But still, there is no doubt that director has shown exceeding concern in moulding the characters such that there is novelty in the characters.

Let us come to the movie’s story. There are three unemployed youth who reside under the same roof.  The three join hands with Vijay Sethupathi in drunken brawl in a wine shop.  Then the three indulge in petty crimes.  For us, as audience, it appears funny. 

At a juncture, they plot abducting the minister’s son so as to get ransom of Rs 2 crores.  They receive the money with the help of minister’s son.  But, as they travel with the money, they encounter an accident.  The minister’s son makes use of the opportunity and slips away with the money. 

As the three youths lose the money, and are chased by a tough inspector, the three surrender in court.  The rest of the story is about what happens and whether they come out of the problem. 

The movie smashes our notions that a good movie should stick to a certain formula.  There is no big message or moving scenes in the movie.  One cannot guess the story or activities of the characters at any point in the movie.  The real hero for the movie is screenplay which has been written in a very talented manner. The screenplay is such that the movie is worth watching from beginning to end. 

As screenplay writer, director Nalan wins applauses.  Every scene in the movie has been beautifully depicted. The scenes are intertwined with humour and prove entertaining.  Also, the director has given the actors a scope for performance in the movie. Also, he has handled the story carefully. 

The character that Vijay Sethupathi does is one which is mentally disturbed.  Three laws are imposed for abductions and those turn out good lesson for criminals. 

In the very first scene, Vijay Sethupathi tries to abduct a woman, receives thrashings and flees. He maintains the tempo from start of the movie till the last. 

Vijay Sethupathi turns out the actor who is most envied.  Many people are amazed at the movie chances he gets.  He has guessed correctly that the short film directors are to rule the industry.  The serial victories that Vijay Sethupathi has had are a prize for his respect and regard for people who make short films, and for making use of them in proper manner.  . 

Sanchita Shetty does role of heroine. She debuted into cine field through movie ‘Thambi Vettothi Sundaram’ in which she did Anjali’s sister. Also, Sanchita Shetty paired up with Vidharth for the movie ‘Kollaikaaran’.  In movie ‘Soodhu Kavvum’, she emerges in modern attire and emerges with Vijay Sethupathi in some scenes. 

Simhaa does one among three unemployed youths. He raises a temple for Nayanthara in his village, and in turn, he is thrashed by the villagers, and he flees to Chennai.  The scene showing him trembling with a cigarette in his mouth as he sees the inspector wins applauses from among audience. 

Ramesh does another friend in the movie. He wakes up sharply at eight in the morning, does prayers, and starts boozing. The dialogue he utters as he is thrashed by the inspector in a dark room makes audience whistle.  He has good future if he gets good movie chances. 

Another individual who needs to be spoken about is music composer Santhosh Narayanan.  To the same extent as the director, Santhosh Nayaranan turns impressing through his music composition for the movie.  His music composition takes the movie to another level.  The music is enthralling.  Cinematographer Dinesh has done his job satisfactorily. 

There are many other actors in the movie who deserve appreciation.  The scene showing the police following, and the one which shows minister’s wife coming with the ransom deserve applauses.  There is an unexpected twist in the movie.

If one watches the movie without minding logic, the movie is a good entertainer which is worth watching.

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