Muppozhudhum Un Karpanaigal

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Review by : Tamilstar team
Adharvaa, Amala Paul, Jayaprakash, Roja, Santhanam
Ganesh Vinayak
G V Prakash Kumar
R. S. Infotainment

The movie ‘Muppozhudum Un Karpanaigal’ is a directorial venture by Elred Kumar, and starred by late actor Murali’s son Adharva.  Amala Paul has paired up with Adharva for the action thriller.  There is huge expectation amidst masses about the movie.

The story opens with a thriller murder. 

Adharva, who is employed in a software company, goes to Bangalore on work.  He develops acquaintance with Amala Paul who is his colleague. 

Here Adharva’s mother who is his only support passes away.  Adharva is heartbroken and Amala Paul’s acquaintance proves soothing to him.

Later the friendship develops into love.  At this juncture Amala Paul leaves for America.

Adharva who mistakenly assumes that somebody has abducted Amala Paul lives with indelible memory of her in his mind.  But Amala Paul comes back.  Adharva spends time to and fro between Chennai and Bangalore with Amala Paul. Then Amala Paul gets into position of higher official in Chennai office.

When Adharva comes across Amala Paul, he does not reveal an inkling of emotion in his face. Then he says he spends two days in Bangalore with another woman. 

Amala Paul goes for clarification regarding the woman with whom Adharva is spending time.  She hides in Adharva’s home in Bangalore and is totally taken aback at what she sees.

The movie is all about the questions as ‘What is it that Amala Paul comes across?  Why it is that Adharva who loves Amala Paul does not reveal any expression in his face when he comes across her?  Why does he commit murder?’

This movie is the second one for Adharva who comes as lover boy in ‘BaaNa Kaathaadi’.  Adharva has given impeccable performance in the movie and stands as supporting pillar for the movie.

The costumes of Amala Paul are very pleasing.  She has made effort to appear glamorously.  In the scene which shows her in a fairy getup her dressing is wonderful.

The scenes showing Santhanam are quite good.  At certain places the whole cinema hall shakes with laughter and thunderous applause.
All through the movie, the songs written by Thamarai prove pleasant.  Music composition by GV Prakash is wonderful.  The song which begins as ‘Oru Murai…’ is pleasant to hear.

 The manner in which the stunts are depicted, the screenplay and songs earn applause.

There are few places in the movie which do not abide by logic.  There are scenes which prove suitable for only those who have failed in love.  The psychotic lover character played by Adharva appears highly exaggerated.  Until last there is not a tinge of love in that.

One can see the movie just once.  The movie is suitable for college students and lovers.

The movie is all about psychotic love.

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