ThaaNdavam - Review

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Review by : Tamilstar team
Vikram, Nazar, Santhanam, Anushka, Amy Jackson, Lakshmi Rai, Saranya
:A.L. Vijay
GV Prakash
UTV Motion

Thaandavam, which is released amidst huge anticipation, is but the usual story centering vengeance.  But director AL Vijay has given the attractive coating as London location, colorful heroines, and stylish making of the movie.  Thus he makes the audience stick to their seats.

Vikram emerges a blind person, who raises a sound and hears it.  Thus he uses ears as eyes.  Santhanam, who sees Vikram by the roadside, picks him up and drives.  Santhanam drops Vikram at a place and waits for him.

Vikram, who gets down from the car murders a person and disappears.  Nazar, a police officer in London investigates the case.  As first move, police trace the car and grill Santhanam.  During investigation, Nazar realizes that Santhanam is innocent and releases him.

Amy Jackson wins the beauty contest in London.  A private organization requests that Amy Jackson participates in Miss World contest.  For this, fake photographs capturing her indulging in social service are taken.  As one such photograph is taken in Old Age Home, Amy Jackson comes across Vikram. 

Out of the meeting, sympathy arises in Amy Jackson for Vikram.  The sympathy turns into love.  So, Amy Jackson closely follows Vikram.  In a development, Vikram commits two consecutive murders.  For one such murder, he goes in car driven by Santhanam.

As Santhanam drops Vikram and waits the police detain Santhanam and grill him again.  During investigation, Santhanam shows a photograph in a daily and says that it is the same person who came in his car.

At a stage Amy Jackson realizes that Vikram is the murderer.  Police are hot on Vikram’s heels.  But Lakshmi Rai helps Vikram escape the clutches of the police. Lakshmi Rai relates Vikram’s flashback to Amy Jackson and Santhanam who try to nab Vikram and hand him over to the police.

Vikram and Jegapathy Babu are close colleagues in Indian Government’s intelligence wing.  Vikram receives a courier.  It is a marriage invitation.  He rushes to his native place and tries to halt the marriage.  There, he sees the bride Anushka and then there is change of mind in Vikram. He marries Anushka.

Before Vikram returns, intelligence wing receives information that a dangerous bomb has been made.  The case his handed over to Jegapathy Babu.  He turns accomplice for antinational activities out of desire for money.  Vikram senses that someone in the office is accomplice to the crime; he speaks to minister and takes up the case.

Vikram goes to London with regard to the case.  There he is tainted as terrorist. Then, he spots the conspiring gang which is reason for the taint he bears.  Also, Vikram realizes that it is Jegapathy Babu who is accomplice to the gang.  In London, Jegapathy Babu brings Anushka along with his wife.

Vikram directs Jegapathy Babu to surrender.  But Jegapathy Babu says that Vikram’s wife would meet him in London Bridge next day morning. After saying that, he snaps the connection.  The next day both Vikram and Anushka meet. Then a bomb explodes.  Anuskha is killed in the explosion.  Vikram loses eyesight.  The rest of the story is about whether Vikram wreaks vengeance upon Jegapathy Babu who is reason for the untoward events. Also, the climax reveals whether Vikram proves his innocence and whether Amy’s love for Vikram fructifies.

The movie is the second one following Kasi in which Vikram has done a blind person.  In Kasi, he did a villager.  In the movie ‘ThaaNdavam’, he emerges a hi-tech person who lacks vision.  Amy Jackson reveals the youth in her and makes a contained delivery.

The scenes in which Anushka emerges are wonderful. There is beauty in the scenes in which Vikram and Anushka try to deliver love for each other.  The scenes in which Santhanam emerges give a tinge of comedy to the movie.  Nazar, who emerges a police officer, conveys the importance in using IPod. 

The numbers for which composition is by GV Prakash are of course pleasing to hear.  Cinematographer Neerav Shah has captured the beauty in London.

Although Vijay falters in the story, he makes audience stick to seat out of his versatility in depiction of scenes.

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