Thagaraaru Review

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Review by : Tamilstar team
Arulnithi, Poorna
Ganesh Vinayak
Dharan, Praveen Sathya
Meeka Entertainment

Arulnidhi and his four friends are burglers, once they ransack an inpsectors house and antagonise him. In another incident they rub a local thug on the wrong side and antagonise him. When Arulnidhi falls for Poorna, daughter of a moneyshark one more is added to his long list of enemies. Then with the turn of events one of Arulnidhi's friend is murdered. Now who is behind this murder and how the mystery is solved remains to be seen.

In the first scene the murder happens and the following scenes move into a flashback, where the story of the four friends unfold. Now what makes the movie interesting is the strategies used to execute the theft. The scene where Arulnidhi saves Poorna from a lorry accident is the highlight of the movie. There are similar scenes in the film that make it extraordinary.

Since the story revovles around four friends all the four characters are given equal importance by director Ganesh Vinayak and the four have executed it well. Compared to the first half the second is swifter. Action scenes are also impressive when compared to romantic scenes that are found wanting. Cinematography and editing are the highlight of the film. Dharan Kumar has composed music for the film and Thiruttupayale song is hummable. BGM is credible. In the climax the murderer confesses the crime. First half is very slow and this is a major set back for the movie. The director has kept the audience at the edge of their seats by building up the climax in an interesting manner.


Worth the investment

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