Thalaivaa – Review

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Review by : Tamilstar team
Vijay, Amala Paul, Sathyaraj, Santhanam, Suresh, Ragini
AL Vijay
GV Prakash Kumar
Chandra Prakash Jain

One is not able to understand Vijay… He gives hit movies like ‘Thuppaakki’, or else gives very average movies like those as ‘Kuruvi’ and ‘Sura’. ‘Thalaivaa’ bears semblance to such average movies.

The movie which is encountering hassles with regard to release in Tamil Nadu, has hit screens in theatres abroad. Let us see how the movie is. 

The movie’s story starts in 1988, and the hero makes entry in Australia in 2013.  Then, there is a dance ‘Thamizh Pasanga’.  Then, the movie shows romance between Vijay and Amala Paul, and comedy by Santhanam.  Then, there is a dance by Vijay with Sam Anderson.  Then, the story moves to Mumbai and they give a huge buildup with regard to who Sathyaraj is.  Sathyraj has done tremendously well.  Nobody could be substitute for Sathyaraj.  There is a superb twist before the interval.  Everyone is pinned to their seats during scene before the interval. 

But, only after the interval, the screenplay staggers.  If the villain who kills Sathyaraj is slain, how could they move the story…? So Vijay takes over the position of Sathyaraj. 

Then, he settles issues that Muslims encounter.  Also, he settles issues that Christians encounter.  Also, he wipes out goons.  He finishes off criminals who are not punished by law.  He saves children, and helps grandmother. 

Till the climax, scenes are such that Vijay does all the noble deeds that befit a Good Samaritan. 

The entire movie happens outside Tamil Nadu.  There is no criticism of Tamil Nadu politics or politicians.  Nobody needs to be deceived into thinking that there is political satire in the movie. 

Santhanam imitates Vijay and does comedy in the movie. Lead heroes do not desire comedians making mockery of them.  But, Vijay gives place to such comedy, Santhanam said in an interview.  And, it is true…

Amala Paul does not have much scope in the movie.  But, one could draw consolation from the fact that she appears in character relevant to the story.  Otherwise, there is nothing mentionable about her appearance in the movie. 

Although number ‘Vaanganna Vanakamnaa’ has already been released, and has turned a hit, other numbers as Thalaivaa, Yaar Intha Saalaiyoram, and Thamizh Pasanga have come out well.  Vijay has proved once again that he is the best dancer among Tamil actors.  During the first half, Vijay’s dance is wonderful.  The dance is commendable particularly in the number ‘Thamizh Pasanga’.  Even GV Prakash Kumar appears in dance in the movie.  Many from ‘Maanaada Maayilaada’ are there in dances in the movie. 

Cinematography by Nirav Shah is superb.  Every scene in the movie proves a feast to one’s eyes. 

The main flaw is the movie’s length.  They have tried making a three hour movie interesting. But, in some place or other, one could sense the length of the movie.  Some slow scenes which depict the story are boring. 

The story in the second half of the movie bears semblance to Thevar Magan, and Nayagan.  That is a weakness in the movie.  If the second half had been given to Hari, it would have come out wonderfully. 

The movie runs for three hours and one finds it difficult to stay put in the theatre for three hours at a stretch.  Except second half of the movie, one cannot find flaw in the movie’s screenplay.  The first half holds mass appeal, and second half has fizzled out.

Taking everything into account, ‘Thalaivaa’ is a champion for Vijay’s fans, and just a time pass for other moviegoers.

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