Thanga Meengal – Movie Review

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Review by : Tamilstar team
Ram, Sadhana, Shelly Kishore, Padmapriya
Yuvan Shankar Raja
Gautham Menon

Tamil movie ‘Thanga Meengal’ is different from the usual Tamil movies. The movie shows love between father and daughter. The movie has life in it and is realistic.  The cinematography and music add to the enchantment in the movie.

Through his movie ‘Thanga Meengal’, director Ram brings to light the ugly face of private schools which ill-treat students and parents. Also, director Ram conveys the importance of government schools and has taught a lesson to teachers of private schools who are the villains to students. 

There is a beautiful house in mountainous region.  There is a railway track in the place, a pond, and there are many golden fishes in the pond.  The struggle of love happens in such a place.  Ram is a son least liked by father, and he is a father liked by his daughter.  Ram desires spending a lot of time with daughter, but does not have a steady income. 

Daughter Sadhana (Chellamma) demands explanation about death, and tells her father that he should not die.  Although Ram is from an affluent family, he is humiliated by his father since he does not have a job. 

Ram, who is not able to pay his daughter’s school fees, is ashamed of himself.  He stands as a coward before the society.  Out of ego, he refuses to get money from his father.  Ram approaches friend for help.  But the friend ditches him.

One fine day, following humiliation at home, Ram decides to leave the house with daughter and wife. But, wife refuses to accompany him.  A frustrated Ram leaves his house and shifts to Kochi, Kerala. There he gets a job. 

Ram works through day and night to earn money.  He chats with his daughter over phone.  Daughter asks him to get a puppy for her.  But, when Ram comes to know that the puppy costs Rs 20, 000 he is taken aback.  But, he is particular about satisfying his daughter. 

Through his friend in Kerala, Ram develops acquaintance with foreigners who run center for fine arts.  They show him a photograph, and say that it an antique music instrument. They add that one cannot get it easily. They promise Ram to give him Rs 20, 000 if he gets the instrument. 

Ram finds out the mountain village after crossing miles through jungles and mountains.  When he comes to his house with the dog, his daughter is not there. The moving climax is about where he finds his daughter. 

Not alone the movie scenes, but every frame relates the story.  Ram has proved himself as not alone a courageous director, but also an actor with guts.  In scenes which show him being taunted for his inability and in scenes in which he speaks fiery dialogues, Ram proves that he is a talented actor.   At a juncture, when he is not able to fulfill his daughter’s desire, Ram slaps himself on his cheeks. There, he wins applauses. 

Daughter Sadhana is mesmerizing.  Both Ram and Sadhana have lived the characters of father and daughter. Daughter places exceeding faith on father. Ram and Sadhana compete with each other in showing love they have for each other. 

Although Padmapriya, who comes as Elvita, makes brief appearance, her performance in the movie is commendable. 

As examinations are being held in private school, construction work is in progress in the school premises…  Also, father slaps son and he cries in the absence of his son…  Father mimicries Santa Claus and pleases his daughter... These scenes are depicted in a poetic manner. 

As Ram speaks for his daughter, witty dialogues that he utters in scenes in the movie win him thunderous applauses. 

Ram goes beyond jungles and mountains to find out a music instrument. It appears far-fetched and is the only shortcoming in the movie.  One should not hesitate to overlook the flaw as there are lot of plus points in the movie.  Also, Shelly Kishore, who does Ram’s wife, Rohini, who does Ram’s mother, ‘Poo’ Ramu, who comes as Ram’s father, impress through their performance in the movie. 

Major strength to the movie is music scored by Yuvan Shankar Raja.  Camera by Arbhindu Saaraa depicts scenes poetically.  Number ‘Ananda Yaazhai’ impresses audience.

Taking everything into account, movie ‘Thanga Meengal’ takes a dip into the hearts of fans.

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