Tharai Thappattai Review

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Review by : aravindhan
M. Sasikumar, Varalaxmi Sarathkumar
B Studio

Bala rocks

An amazing show by national-award winning filmmaker Bala and maestro Ilayaraja coming together after Pithamagan. And whatmore some talented artistes coming together.

What created lots of expectations and hype surrounding the movie is that it was set ion Thanjavur spoke about Karakam and Tamil folk artistes. 

The big question is whether the movie lives up to all hype? Answer is only partially yes. Sasikumar and Varalaxmi play their best. They hog all limelight.

Their intense portrayal and  over-the-top performance make it big. Varalaxmi not only dances her way to joy but performs at her best. R K Suresh as villain is the best man to do baddie role. 

Sannasi (Sasikumar) manage a folk artistes group. There is Soorvalli (Varalaxmi), a karakam artiste in it. They manage to get an offer to perform in Anadman. But later they realise that those in Anaman want girls not art. 

At one point, Sanasi has to sacrifice Soorvali with whom he is in love with her for her well-being. She marries a big shot. A dejected Sannasi realises little later that all is not well in her family. He goes in her search and on a rescue mission. The rest is revenge race.

Three cheers to Varalaxmi and Sasikumar. They have elevated the movie to greater heights. But bala's movies have a predictable fare.


Tharai Thappatai is a film that is engaging and entertaining.

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