Movie Review – Theeya Velai Seiyyanum Kumaru

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Review by : Tamilstar team
Siddharth, Santhanam, Hansika, Ganesh Venkatraman
Sundar C
C Sathya
Khushboo Sundar

Sundar C’s movies might miss out anything, but definitely not the comedy.  From very begin of his career there has been no dearth to comedy in Sundar C’s movies.  In previous movies by Sundar C, Goundamani and Senthil helped in maintaining the comedy track.  Now, Sundar C has handed over the responsibility to Santhanam. 

Okay.... Let us come to the story...

Every member in Siddharth’s family goes for love marriage.  Siddharth’s family bears the trademark of romance, but Siddharth least prefers romancing. 

Some flashbacks turn out reason for aversion Siddharth has towards romance.  Family members and colleagues in office advise Siddharth to romance somebody.  But, Siddharth does not get his lover, and he does not prefer romance.  He cuts out a very sorry figure without knowing how to romance.  That is the time when a girl turns up at his office.  It is none other than Hansika. 

As Siddharth spots Hansika, there is a sudden flutter in his heart.  He senses that he has developed love for her.  Suddenly, there is a problem. A colleague in office tries to woo Hansika.  It is none other than Ganesh Venkatraman. 

Siddharth is in a fix and does not know how to make the next move. Then, his uncle Baski gives him idea.  He suggests Siddharth to visit a Love Guru ‘Nokia’, who is none other than Santhanam.  There is a twist here to the love story.  The heroine happens to be the sister of the Love Guru.  Now, he turns a villain acting against the hero. The story unfolds in such a manner that it explains humorously what happens, and how Siddharth succeeds in his love with Hansika. 

Throughout the movie, Santhanam has got very scant dialogues of his own.  He has just uttered what was there in script readied by Sundar C.  Also, he has not missed out counter dialogues which were prominent in comedy dialogues by Goundamani. 

When considering Siddharth, it is not known why he appears with grim face throughout the movie in spite of the fact that he appeals to every young woman.  It is not his mistake that he appears like a dummy in scenes in which he emerges with Santhanam. 

Hansika’s facial expressions throughout the movie are very cute.  Also, she dances for item numbers.  It is utter exaggeration that Ganesh Venkatraman turns centre of attraction among women just because he has got a terrific build like that of a body-builder’s. 

Also, Vishal and Samantha show up in scenes in the movie.  Jenifer comes as Hansika’s friend.  Another one is Vidyu Raman.  Both appear very plump.  Since Hansika is a bit fat, director has made efforts to hide it by making fatter women appear with Hansika.  In places where RJ Balaji and Baski appear, comedy equals that of Santhanam’s.

Music composition is by Sathya.  Two numbers in the movie are wonderful, and other numbers are also good.  In several scenes, he has muted the background music.  Dialogues are by Nalan Kumarasamy. In many scenes, Nalan Kumarasamy’s unique touch is very obvious. 
Sundar C has directed the movie.  Although he has handled well his unique strategy in screenplay, there is semblance of ‘Oru Kal Oru Kannaadi’ in the movie. 

After interval, in one or two places, the story progresses slowly.  Santhanam’s comedy sets right the flaw.  Sundar C has taken the movie such that one could derive fullest satisfaction of watching a pucca comedy entertainer.

Taking everything into account, the movie ‘Theeya Velai Seiyyanum Kumaru’ is full of comedy and entertainment and comes under the category of ‘Oru Kal Oru Kannaadi’.

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