Thegidi Review

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Review by : Suresh
Ashok Selvan, Janani Iyer
P. Ramesh
Nivas Prasanna
C. V. Kumar

Who said only masala movies and crap comedies are making their way in Kollywood? There are few production houses that evince Keen interest in churning out quality products. Lesser known star cast but a strong story meant success at the box office. C V Kumaran's Thiru Kumaran Entertainments is one among the newbie which made a name for itself churning out quality films like Pizza, Attakathi, Villa, Soodhu Kavvum among others .

Known for his skill to prick different script, he has opted for Thegidi. The strikingly different title means dice, gambling or deception. Whatmore he managed to introduce a newbie filmmaker Ramesh. Star cast includes Villa fame Ashok Selvan, Avan Ivan fame Janani Iyer, Jayaprakash, Kaali, Kamalakannan, Madhavan, Pradeep Nair among others. 

Making a thriller or suspense venture is no easy task. It demands great skills and one has to ensure doubly that it is no slackening in pace. He should thanks his strong technical team who have ensured that half the battle is won even before the race began.

Running for less than two hours, it boats of many new to Tamil cinema. Firstly the genre, secondly the narration and last but not the least technically superior film making. There are no lag or dull moments and the story proceeds in right pace all through,

Ashok Selvan as Vettri, a detective who is keen to explore new frontiers but lacks the professional skills comes across as an adorable guy. The characterization is good and it shows the mastery of Ramesh over the medium.

The movie is full of twist and turns and the events that a detective comes across in his job that unravels the fact behind series of murders forms the storyline.

Ashok Selvan is a detective hired by the government to shadow their targets. He doesn't have any background and are strictly ordered not to get in contact with their subjects. He falls in love with Janani Iyer. His superiors come to know about his defection and now they want to kill him. So, how he gets out of this mess is the story of the movie.

Lesser known star cast does the trick. You sympathies with the character and get involved with the story. Be it Dinesh's camera or Leo John Paul's editing, all are racy and crisp.

Ramesh deserves a pat for going away from the routine and trying a different story. Whiff of fresh air is Thegidi.

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