Thilagar Review

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Review by : kumaresan
Kishore, Dhruva, Anumol, Poo Ram
Perumal Pillai
V. Mathiazhagan, R. Ramya, Nasey R.Rajesh

More in the shades of Devar Magan, Thilagar speaks about revenge in a community in rural Tamilnadu and what it takes to stand against violence. Directed by Perumal PIllai, Thillagar stars Kishore, Dhruva, Mridula, Anumol, Poo Ram, Rajesh Yadav among others in the cast.

The film is based on real-life incident that shook the rural Tamilnadu.There is Poo Ram, a caste head who loves being adored and admired and respected.

He and has sons do anything in the name of their caste. There is Kishore in the same village and he too is respected by all in the village. He hates violence and wants the younger generation to reform and take reformist path.

In an enmity, Poo Ram hatches a conspiracy and takes revenge on Kishore. He gets killed by them. The onus is on Kishore's brother Dhruva to take revenge on the killers.

But he has to take care of his brother's son. There is revenge and action everywhere in the village. What eventually happens is the crux.Kishore has done a wonderful job.

As a peace-loving young man, his dos excel. Newcomer Dhruva is the highlight. He does a wonderful act.Poo Ram, hitherto played a character role, now dons the role of a baddie.

Rajesh Yadav chips in well, but his role could have been extended. He gets under the skin of the character to give his best.All said and now, Thilagar is clash of heads and many roll.

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