Thoongavanam Review

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Review by : aravindhan
kamalahaasan, trisha, prakashraj
Rajesh M. Selva
Mohamaad Ghibran

It has been long time since we saw a racy thriller in Tamil cinema. To satisfy our appetite comes Thongavanam. Move over horror films, it is time for adrenaline pumping action extravaganza.

With neatly-choreographed stint scenes and pulsating racy sequences and no songs, one can come up with a movie that leave a long-lasting impression. That is Thoongavanam for you.

Kamal Haasan as a cop in Kakki Satti or an undercover in Vikram or a police office in Vettaiyadu Vilayadu never failed to impress audience.Equally good is Diwakar, narcotics police officer in Thoongavanam.

Directed by his associate Rajesh M Selva, Thoongavanam is a good work. From the go , it is stylish, suave and entertaining.Music by Ghibran and Sanu Vardghese's camera add strength to proceedings.

The movie unfolds with Divakar (Kamal ) killing a gangster. Enters Mallika (Trisha) a cop to investigate the same. Meanwhile there is a underworld Vittal Rao (Prakashraj), who ends up kidnapping Divakar's son.There are more reasons to it. He is held for ransom.

The onus is on DIvakar to rescue him.What happens then forms the rest.Kamal is at his best. STylsisha nd engaging as cop. His mannerisms add strength to his character.

Trisha is in a different look and that suits the story exceedingly well. With prakashraj proving why he is considered an actor par excellence as vittal rao, Thoongavanam does cross yardsticks for a good entertainer.

Kamal Haasan's expressive eyes and his fists in action sequences speak loud.All credit to Rajesh M Selva, he has gathered enough guts to deliver a stylish fare with Kamal Haasan at his best.

Thoongavanam is a superb show that has style and substance written all over it.

Thoongavanam - Style & substance

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