Thuppaakki - Review

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Review by : Tamilstar team
Vijay, Kajal Aggarwal, Jayaram , Vidyut Jamwal, Sathyan
A. R. Murugadoss
Harris Jayaraj
Kalaipuli S. Dhanu

If it is to be a movie starring Vijay, then it is Deepavali for his fans.  This time it is double Deepavali for them as his movie has been released on Deepavali. 

Anticipation regarding the movie started rising as reports went afloat that Vijay stars in AR Murugadoss’s movie.  More than that, media reports regarding the movie, which started making rounds from beginning till end, added to the anticipation. 

Okay… let us come to the story.  Vijay (Jagadish) serves in military.  For holiday, Vijay visits his native place, Mumbai.  As Vijay comes to Mumbai, a person linked to bomb blast is cornered by Vijay.

As the person is investigated in confinement, Vijay comes to know that there is plan to carry out bomb blasts in 12 places.  As there is no lead regarding the case, Vijay lets the person escape.  Then, he follows the prisoner and shoots down the human bombs who are to carry out the bomb blast in 12 places. 

The villain, upon knowledge of the development, comes to Mumbai and targets Vijay.  The rest of the story is about whether Vijay foils the bid made by the villain.

The movie is an example to how a movie should be, particularly during release on Deepavali.  The movie is a pucca entertainer.  There is no lagging behind in even a single place.  Within half an hour of movie’s start, audience mingles with the movie.  Only after the movie is over, we are able to come out of it. 

Vijay appears handsome in the movie.   With the help of the costume designer and cinematographer, he appears majestic.  Vijay does his role with simplicity.  Dance moves by Vijay are really laudable. 

As a group, Vijay attacks the terrorists in different places.  He places his sister at stake and destroys the terrorist. In those places in the movie, Vijay has revealed his unique style. 

One could not avoid appreciating Murugadoss for his effort in making a movie out of a mass hero. Beyond the difficulties in making movie, Murugadoss has really achieved. 

Although Kajal Aggarwal proves a feast to the eyes of fans, she is not into the thrilling portion of the movie.  So, Kajal creates impression during first half of the movie and then disappears. 

Satyan appears as Vijay’s friend and does role of a sub-inspector in Mumbai.  Initially, Satyan says that police are better than military people. But as the movie ends, Satyan agrees that military is the best. 

Jayaram comes in a small character and does not mingle with the story of the movie.  That is all to his role.  He comes silently in villain role in the movie. Then he comes in action scene and is killed by Vijay. 

Santhosh Sivan has done cinematography excellently.   Also blasts in bus and ship have been done taking into care the minute technical nuances. 

It is a plus point in the movie that music by Harris helps in making the movie a fast-moving thriller.

But still, there are mistakes in logic in the movie, which are but inevitable.

Beyond all, the movie ‘Thuppaakki’, which aims at satisfying audience, of course achieves in satisfying everybody.

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