Traffic Ramaswamy

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Review by : Suresh
SA Chandrasekhar, Rohini, Prakash Raj, Ambika, Chetan, Imman Annachi, Livingston
Balamurali Balu

Doing bio-pic is never an easy job. It has to stay close to reality and ensure that everything that is on screen should be related by the audience. Many a bio-pics in Tamil cinema have failed to find favor with masses.

Joining the list is Traffic Ramasamy. It is about the social activist Traffic Ramasamy who hogs headlines every day in newspapers for filing PILs in High Court against officials for their wrong acts.

Directed by debutante filmmaker Vicky, the movie shows the unknown story of Ramasamy's personal life and the struggles that he faced to achieve his mission. He has withstood all pains even physically to achieve what he has today. But we all know his works but not his personal life.

Though Joker was loosely based on him, yet this bio-pic speaks in detail about him.S A Chandrashekar as Traffic Ramasamy does full justice to the role. He brings out the hardship that Ramaswamy underwent through his portrayal.

Rohini as his wife Rukku has a neat role to do who wants to standby, every time when Ramasamy comes home with wounds and injuries. The movie has Vijay Sethupathi, Seeman, Vijay Antony and Prakash Raj doing cameos.Vicky's screenplay is interesting and it has everything to keep audience travel with the lead.

The emotions work out well. At places, the movie slackens in its place. But the dialogues that are fiery make up for it. Vicky can be appreciated for trying different things in his first film. And S A Chandrasekhar with his portrayal makes it an engrossing watch.

Traffic Ramaswamy - Brisk & bold

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