Udhayam NH 4 – Review

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Review by : Tamilstar team
Siddharth, Ashrita Shetty, Kay Kay Menon
GV Prakash Kumar
Dhayanidhi Azhagiri, Vetrimaaran

NH 4 is the National Highway which links Tamil Nadu, Andhra, and Karnataka. Movie ‘Udhayam NH4’ is about instances happening in the National Highway.

Vetrimaaran has written the script, done the screenplay, and penned the dialogues He is known for direction of hit movies as ‘Polladhavan’ and ‘Aadukalam’. The movie is directed by Vetrimaaran’s assistant Manimaran. 

The hero and heroine, studying in a college, romance each other.  The heroine’s father, who is a noted politician, tries to separate the lovers.  Both hero and heroine, with the help of their friends, flee from Bangalore to Chennai. 

An Assistant Commissioner, who assists the heroine’s father, follows the lovers.  The movie’s story is about what happens on a single day between morning and 12 in the night. As one watches the movie, he loses all sense of time.  The screenplay is such that the audience are bound to their seats. 

Even at this age, Siddharth fits into the role of college student.  He does his role very well.  He does not project super heroism and does action scenes with usual weaknesses in a man. It is really surprising to watch many college girls whistle as they watch the movie. 

Heroine Ashrita Shetty is not alone beautiful, but does her role well.  If another two movies turn out well for her, she would sure turn the dream girl of Kollywood.  Kay Kay Menon is new to Tamil.  He did villain role for Hindi movie ‘Sarcar’.  He did the villain role in the movie very naturally.  He emerged in the movie as Amitabh’s elder son and did character who plots to kill Amitabh Bachchan. 

Kay Kay Menon is a major strength to the movie.  Amidst furore, he tries speaking with his wife and son and tries to pacify them. The scene wins him applauses.  Also, he has done well in the scenes as he corners the hero by following minute trails.

Karthik Sabesh, who comes as one among friends, has done very well. 

Spontaneous and natural dialogues are the major strength to the movie.  Vetrimaaran has brought it out naturally as Bangalore guy speaks halting Tamil in the movie.

The numbers as ‘Yaro Ivan’ and ‘Ora Kannalae’ composed by GV Prakash Kumar are worthwhile. Cinematography by Velraj is wonderful.  His emerges in the movie in few scenes as mufti police and wins applauses.

It is acceptable as hero’s friend, hero Siddharth and heroine Ashrita narrate the story in their point of view.  But as Ashrita chases away Siddharth and narrates story to Encounter Menon, it seems much exaggerated.  It is not acceptable as Menon says that mother and father are important, fact being that he went for love marriage. 

As one overlooks such flaws and the lengthy action scenes in the climax, the movie, written and produced by Vetrimaaran, and directed by Manimaran of course speeds through the highway.

Taking everything into account, the movie is worth watching with family.

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