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Review by : Tamilstar team
Arulnidhi, Praneetha, Ashish Vidyarthi, Santhanam
Manikanth Kadri

‘Vamsam’ was a perfect launch for Arulnidhi. His second movie should have taken him to the next level. But ‘Udhayan’ fails. The confused screenplay plays the spoil sport.

A murder at the house of Ashish Vidyarthi, who is a ‘Dadha’, opens the story. The ‘Dadha’ sends his men to places to find the murderer. And, finally, the enraged group finds their man in Appu, another big ‘baddy’ at Chennai. The film opens its Chennai part with the arrival of Ashish Vidyarthi to revenge Appu.

Meanwhile, the hero, Vasanth (Arulnidhi), a bank assistant manager, who bumps his vehicle into the heroine’s (Praneetha), runs behind successfully for his ‘love at first sight’ interest. The heroine’s father works for Appu. Disliking his daughter’s love affair, father approaches his boss and Appu engages his brother to take on the Hero.

While Vasanth is stabbed by the brother of Appu, the Madurai ‘Dadha’ Ashish Vidyarthi arrives the spot and kills the brother of Appu.

The story takes a twist, when the knifed hero faints in the arms of Ashish Vidyarthi, calling him ‘father’. The flashback opens the story of Ashish Vidyarthi and his two sons (both played by Arulnidhi) Udhayan and Vasanth. Hating the activities of his father and brother, Vasanth runs away from his home and lands at Chennai. Udhayan is killed by Appu.

The story comes back to the main line to show Appu turning ‘good guy’. The film ends with all happy events.

Arulnidhi, who donned the role of a rustic village youth in ‘Vamsam’, plays a trendy clothes clad city guy. He shows his talents in stunts and dances too. Praneetha does not have much to show her acting skills. Ashish Vidyarthi is as usual. Santhanam, who comes as a friend of Arulnidhi irritates us with his dirty dialogues.

The director Chaplin could have given more work to his screen-play. S. D. Vijay Milton’s camera supports the screen play. Saxophone legend Kadri Gopalnath’s son, Manikanth Kadri has scored the music. It adds to the emotions of the story and the tracks are good. Editing (Kishore) is another plus of this film.

Altogether, the film is just a one-time watch. But, Arulnidhi has to be very careful in selecting stories lest he will put his career in question.

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