Unakkenna Venum Sollu Review

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Review by : Suresh
Deepak Paramesh, Jaqlene Prakash, Gunalan Morgan, Mime Gopi
Srinath Ramalingam
Siva Saravanan
N Shanmuga Sundaram, K Mohamed Yasin

Move over comedy films and mindless masalas. It is time for some hard-hitting horror movies in Tamil cinema. Many were made in the recent past and they turned out to be safe bets at the box office.

Even big stars in the industry have gone behind the genre these days. One more in the genre is Unnakenna Venum Sollu. The movie by debutant Srinath Ramalingam is well-crafted and neatly executed film. It has loads of emotion, anger, and fear among all. All the lead characters have done full justice by playing their part to perfection.

But for Mime Gopi, almost all the artistes are newcomers. They have their task cut out and deliver it with aplomb. Making a horror movies is no easy task as audience today are exposed to state-of-the-art films made in the West on horror genre. Srinath Ramalingam's directorial skills comes to the fore here.

He has done a fabulous job. He ensures that the momentum is not lost anywhere. The screenplay does not falter or stutter. It proceeds on right pace all through. Jacquline Prakash, Gunalan Morgan, Mime Gopi, Deepak Paramesh among others plays key roles. Pooja (Jaqulene Prakash) and Shiva (Gunalan Morgan) come to Chennai from Singapore.

The purpose of their visit to the city is to find a cure for their son, who suffers from an unknown ailment. When they stay in Pooja's ancestral bungalow all hell breaks loose. She encounters eerie moments there and the suicide of her friend also shocks her.

Eventually they take the help of a ghost buster (Mime Gopi) to come out of trouble.Meanwhile, there is Karthik (Deepak Paramesh), a computer engineer who also meets the same encounters like Pooja.  

He meets Judy (Mourhrna Anetha), who lives in a mystery.  What happens in all their lives form the crux? Manish Murthy's camera is apt for the theme. He has managed to capture those moments with perfection.

Unakenna Venum Sollu with crisp screenplay and engaging turn of events make it a good watch.

Unakkenna Venum Sollu - Horror at its best

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