Uppu Karuvaadu Review

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Review by : Suresh
Nandita Swetha, Karunakaran
Radha Mohan
Steeve Vatz
First Copy Pictures, Night Show Cinema

Many a movies have come on the travails and struggles of assistant directors in the industry to make it big in Kollywood. Rarely a few narrated in a lighter vein without losing the focus.

One such is Radha Mohan's Uppu Karuvadu.What sets the movie apart from the rest is exemplary dialogue writing by  Pon Bharathi. The core strength of the movie is the catchy one-liners and hilarious dialogues spread all through.

Nowhere the movie goes serious but eventually conveys serious message on one too many tings including life and cinema. Radhamohan's resolve to bounce back after a dud show in Gowravam deserves a mention.

Three cheers for a terrific entertainer in Uppukaruvadu.The movie stars Karunakaran, Nandita, M S Baskar, Narayan Lucky, Sathish, Chaams, Kumaravel, Mayilsamy, among others play the lead roles. Cinematography is by Mahesh Muthusamy and music by steve Watts.

It is about the story of a struggling filmmaker who has had a flop in his first venture and second failing to take off.With his assistants Chaams and Narayanan, he manages to weave a story that finds a producer in the form of a chieftain in a fishermen community M S Baskar.

He wants to introduce his daughter as heroine through the film. After making several comproimises, for the sake of survival, Karunakaran and his team agrees to do the film.

But then they encounter so many travails. Hurdles come one after another. Did they succeed or give up their ambitions form the rest. Produced by First Copy Pictures and Night Show Cinema, Uppukaruvadu is fun and engaging.

The high point of the movie is the way the likes of Karunakaran, Chaamas and Narayanan gel well and deliver their best. The comical dialogues that throw light on their struggle deserve special mention.

Nadita is a welcome addition and she pulls it off well.M S Baskar and Mayilsamy shine bright. Though there are cliches and needless emotional scenes in second half, Uppukaruvadu is here to stay. Laugh loud.

Uppu Karuvaadu - No fishy affair

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