Vanthaan Vendraan

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Review by : Tamilstar team
Jeeva, Taapsee, Nandha, Santhanam and others
SS Thaman
K.S. Sreenivasan

After his astounding success of K V Anand’s ‘Ko’, actor Jiiva joined the big league of those top young stars. Though his next outing ‘Rowthiram’ did not do well he had all hopes on this film ‘Vandhan Vendran’ that saw its release today!

And, here is the next big film of Jiiva ‘Vandhan Vendran’. So, how he has fared in the film and what his stakes are now at Kollywood is…?

And, to find more, go ahead reading…

‘Vandhan Vendran’s story tells the tale of Siva (Jiiva), who is a boxer by profession, falls in love with Anjana (Taapsee), who loses her father in an encounter with a Mumbai don (Nanda). Anjana puts a condition that only if Siva makes the don, who is responsible for her father’s death, to surrender to law she would accept his love. On his mission, Siva gets acquainted with the don and asks him to help him in his love by surrendering himself to the law. But, twist comes there that Siva and Ramana find that they are brothers of same mother and what happens next to the story, whether Siva sacrifices his love for his brother or Ramana offers himself for his brother Siva’s love or what about Anjana’s vow to bring her father’s killer to Justice… You have to watch the film!

Jiiva yet again comes out with a tremendous performance with this film. He excels with his varied expressions as a boxer, a lover, a brother and as a responsible angry young man. Hats off to this talented actor, who has again proved that he is a man of substance, with his superb acting skills!

Taapsee, as an architect, comes cute that what she appeared in her previous outing ‘Aadukalam’. But, she lacks that charm in expressions. Reasons, not only as a cute angel girl, the actress has also featured as an action star that she has handled weapons in this film. But, she fails to impress. Sorry, Taapsee, better luck next time!

Nanda, it is high time this wonderfully talented and good looking star should introspect himself with his past roles. The actor should now decide whether to continue doing the baddies. His role in much acclaimed film ‘Eeram’ was received well. But, it is not that he can fit well in all those negative characters, especially when he has to raise his fist for action! Nevertheless, the actor has tried his best to put a show but fails because of his looks and body built!

Comedian Santhanam at some places succeeds in tickling our funny bones with the character of Panipooriwala and those oneliners!

After his big hit ‘Kandaen Kadhalai’, and his earlier hit ‘Jayam Kondaan’, R. Kannan, a student of renowned director Mani Ratnam, has delivered yet another big project with this much hyped film. But, the director has failed to impress. In spite of his much hard work and efforts, it is very sad, that the untidy screenplay has let him down in this film, otherwise he could have again come out with yet another big success.

And as a film, the whole narration travels in a flashback mode many times, and sometimes it confuses as we face some difficulty in connecting those anecdotes. Screenplay could have been given more attention as it lacks coherence and crispiness. Also, the script drags at places.

Dialogues of Pattukkottai Prabhakar are well written that adds some strength to the movie. It seems the story, jointly written by writer Prabhakar and director R. Kannan, is inspired by the Hindi film ‘I Hate Luv Stories’ and Hollywood hit ‘Going the Distance’ but the director denies it.

Romance is filmed well, and action as well. Songs are filmed so nicely and forms the major visual pluses of the film. Thanks to the good tunes scored by music composer Thaman and the camera handling done by P G Muthiah.

While Thaman has already put his songs ‘Anjana…’ and ‘Kanchana mala…’ on top of the charts, which also lingers on even after you leave the cinema, cameraman Muthiah spreads a visual treat with his different lenses. Good work guys!

V T Vijayan could have given more cuts to this ‘also-an-action’ movie. Otherwise, he has well understood this Romance!

The movie is produced by K. S. Sreenivasan under the banner Vasan Visual Ventures.

Overall, ‘Vandhan Vendran’ has come as a big treat, but if it had rectified some flaws it could have seen a big success. May be another ‘Ko’ for Jiiva!

Sorry, Jiiva. Lady luck has not favoured as she did the magic that time!
 However, ‘Vandhan Vendran’ is a good entertainer with all those basic ingredients of a wholesome entertainer!

Vandhan Vendraan is no where equivalent to its title

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