Vazhakku En 18/9

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Review by : Tamilstar team
Mithun Murali, Sri, Urmila Mahanta, Manisha Yadav
Balaji Shakthivel
R. Prasanna
N. Subash Chandrabose,Thirupathi Brothers

Even a traditional appreciation as foreword for the movie would not prove a surmise for the nature of the movie.  ‘Vazhakku EN 18/9’ is that much a honest effort.

The movie, instead of trumpeting that it is on efforts to pull up the quality of Tamil cinema, has turned out a silent effort by a creative artiste.  It is none other than the director for the movie, Balaji Sakthivel.  He is a director who does not believe in increasing count of movies he makes, and has sole intention of putting life into his creation.

Balaji Sakthivel has surpassed his own previous movies, which revolve around romance and colleges.  The resultant creation is of quality several times more than his previous makes. 

Romance and relevant feelings are common to all living creatures.  Balaji Sakthivel has related how it outshines the status and how law is out of reach of poor people.

Although there is dramatization in the climax of the movie, it proves a respite for tired hearts and is being welcomed by fans with tremendous applause.


What money could do and how the people in lower strata deprived of money suffer, and how  money parents provide to their children during education is being misused, and how the money makes the students indulge in nefarious acts has been delivered in the movie like a nail being struck on the coffin.  This movie turns out a warning to parents.

As one person throws acid on a girl working in a multi-storey, police start investigating to narrow down on the culprit.  When enquired with the girl’s mother if she has suspicion on anybody, she points out at Sree working in roadside eatery.  Police, who call Sree for investigation, make out how he has borne the brunt of pain in life.   Even the police are pushed to sympathizing with Sree. 

When police enquire with the daughter of affected girl’s employer, she requests police to investigate another person.  When police question her as to why they should grill the person she is pointing at, the next part of the movie begins.  Director has intertwined these two parts and has conveyed how the people in the lower strata are affected by the affluent.

This movie which proceeds in two lines joins at a juncture when the audience is least aware of it.  There is that much perfection in the screenplay. 

The new faces who have acted in the movie, have delivered their talents impeccably.

The proprietor of shop who hides the death of his own mother, and a sex worker who satiates the hunger of person who faints by the roadside, and Chinnasamy who is on search for cinema chance, the proprietor of roadside eatery who changes color in a moment, the old servant maid who throws abuses at everybody to protect her daughter; these are all people we often come across.  We do not understand their background story.  This is due to the fact that our humanitarian concern is all but a demonstration effect. This means, we are being humanitarian to bag appreciations from people.  If we approach without this intention, then we could very easily come across people as Velu, Jyoti and Chinnasamy.

There is no need to discriminate one as hero and other as heroine in this movie.  The reason is that even the character doing the pasting of cycle tube puncture, impresses the audience. 

Sree who does the character Velu working in the roadside, Urmila Mahantha who comes as servant maid Jyoti, Mithun Murali who comes as affluent youngster,  and Manisha who come as daughter of the employer shine out of efforts of director.

Chinnasamy, who comes as drama artiste pleases audience.

Muthuraman, who comes as inspector, outshines every other character in the movie.  So far in Tamil cinema, nobody has performed the role of police officer this much spontaneously.

There is no deliberate effort to make dialogues attractive for the audience.  The dialogues befit nature of every character in the movie.

There is abundant warning this movie gives for youngsters who constantly fiddle with their cell phones. 

The cinematography is impeccable and is very natural.  Vijay Milton deserves appreciation.

For the first time, there is no background music for any song. There are just the lyrics to be heard. 

Balaji Sakthivel has given a tremendous output through this movie.

The movie could be termed the peak of Tamil cinema.

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