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Review by : Tamilstar team
Vijay, Genelia D’Souza, Hansika Motwani, Saranya Mohan, M.S.Baskar, Santhanam
Vijay Antony
Aascar Studios

The film ‘Velayudham’ has been released with much fanfare and has been welcomed much by Ilayathalapathy Vijay’s fans. The film would in no way disappoint any of the fans.

Although the story has been mentioned in the review let us go into detail and analyze a bit.
The film ‘Velayudham’ opens up with a plot to plant explosive in Chennai.  To execute the plan they kidnap a minister.  The minister too cooperates with the plotters.

The minister joins hand with the miscreants and with the help of underhand he plants the bomb.   Genilia, the reporter and a few friends of her’s try to photograph the handiwork of the miscreants.  In turn the minister and his men chase Genilia and her friends so as to finish them off.

The minister’s underhand  incinerate and kill Genilia’s friends.   They threaten that they will finish off Genilia too, and get into the car. They light up the cigarette which accidentally ignites the petrol tank and in the resultant explosion the car and the men are charred beyond recognition;

Genilia makes a naughty move by scribbling in a paper that it is she who has finished off the goondas, and also states that she will do the same with anyone plotting to plant explosives. She signs in the paper as ‘Velayudham’.
Vijay, who plays the character ‘Velayudham’ comes as a loving brother who lives peacefully with his sisters in a village. He comes to Chennai to withdraw money which he has saved for his sister’s marriage. The moves that Vijay makes in Chennai turn against the extremists.

At one point, Vijay saves Genilia.  In turn Genilia appraises Vijay as the ‘Velayudham’ who saves the masses.  But Vijay does not take it seriously.  Genilia explains that his moves were accidentally against the extremists.  She motivates Vijay further and turns him against the extremists so as to finish them off.

But Vijay seems least cooperative.  Ilavarasu comes as a person who has invested money in the Chit company along with Vijay and several other persons.  But the Chit company fools many of the people. Ilavarasu is severely traumatized and commits suicide.  After Ilavarasu’s death Vijay’s mentality undergoes a sea change. Then he becomes ‘Velayudham.’

Vijay, coming as a villager and milkman is chiseled into a superhero by time and circumstances.  The rest of the film is all about how Vijay finishes of the villain and his men, and how he succeeds in his love with Hansika Modhwani.

Everybody has done his part very well. Vijay has played well in his usual roles as dance, sentiment and action. Genilia’s delivery his tremendous.  The innocent role that Hansika Modhwani plays is impressive.  Santhanam’s comedy is quite good.  Along with them there are several other characters taken up by Ilavarasu, Manivannan, Singamuthu, Vaiyapuri. M.S. Bhaskar and Suri.  All of these people have done a commendable work.

Vijay Antony’s music adds to the film’s special features.  All the songs are commendable.  The poem of ‘Velayudham’  is quite good.  Priyan’s photography and V.T. Vijayan’s editing add to the film’s strength.  Beyond everything , the dialogues have won much appreciation.   If one goes without too much of rational thinking and wants to know how the film has turned out, it fulfills that expectation. 
In spite of the murmur that ‘Velayudham’ is the remake of the Telugu movie ‘Aazad’, there have been changes made for Tamil masses which is quite laudable. The applaud goes to M. Raja.


It is a special Deepavali for Vijay’s fans…

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