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Review by : Tamilstar team

‘Vengayam’, a Tamil equivalent to Onion has another powerful connotation too! Yes, revolutionary leader Thanthai Periyar had it in his language using it very frequently to shrug off things and refer nothingness! And, this film has used it to preach about that ‘nothingness’ – the superstition!

A group of youngsters come together for a crusade against this superstition. Their struggle and success is the story. The film exposes the con of godmen and wicked astrologers those who are exploiting the vulnerable.

The village sees incidents of abduction of these godmen and astrologers and it is investigated by the police. Who abducts, why and what happens to them in the end forms the climax in the story.

There is a yarn of romance entwined in this fiery social drama! New faces Pavina and Alexander play the perfect young love couple. The film has many anecdotes of different characters – their suffering at the hands of poverty, social negligence and superstition.

Another attention grabber for the film is Sathyaraj. The actor who follows the principles of Periyar in real life, and who has also acted in the role of this great social leader has made a mark with his soul presence in the film.

Director Rachkumar deserves a pat on his back for this bold and honest attempt. Though the film lacks logic and a coherent script, neat characterization and fiery dialogues rescues the film from being another run of the mill small budget film. The director’s anger on those social evils is seen evident all through the film. And, he succeeds in taking the message to the viewers.

Music director Bharani has worked some tunes and it is seen in songs. Saba Ratnam’s camera is a big plus.

This movie has a message. And, at least to understand where we are and what our exploiters are up to we should watch this film!

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