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Review by : Tamilstar team
Rajkiran, Dhanush, Prakash Raj, Tamanna
Devi Sri Prasad

A righteous landlord, a do-gooder son taking against the evil force to see that the society lives in peace is not a new story at all, but director Hari has etched a tried and tested formula to present it in a new way in Venghai. With all the successful ingredients like love, romance and action, he has delivered a perfect masala film, which is completely targeted at the mass audience. Read on for Venghai review.

Veera Pandi (Rajkiran) is a landlord in a village, where people are living happily with the simple pleasures of life and his son Selvam (Dhanush) is his perfect discipline. They work for the welfare of the society and with their influence and blessing Rajalingam (Prakash Raj) becomes the MLA of the region. The power makes him greedy and soon he rebels against them. Meanwhile, Selvam leaves the village to Tirchy and falls in love with his childhood sweetheart Radhika (Tamanna Bhatia). As their love blossoms at one end, Rajalingam turns bad to worse with his illegal activities. He decides even to finish his mentor Veera Pandi. Will he hit back at Veera Pandi? How Selvam brings Rajalingam down? What happens to his love? Answer to all these questions form the crux of the story.

Given the fact that the story of Venghai is an all out commercial film, one expects Dhanush to deliver a stunning performance and he has justified it with ease. His angry-young man role will be his treat for the mass audience. Rajkiran's role is tailor-made character for him and he is excellent in it. Tamanna Bhatia is glamorous and has got quite a few scenes to show her acting skills. Prakash Raj stands out with a striking performance. Ganja Karuppu is decent at best and the his lines could have been written in a better way. Rest other characters are okay.

Hari has proved again why people call him a master of mass movies. Even though, there is nothing novel in the story, he makes the audience to sit throughout the movie without getting bored. But he would have picturized the songs in different ways, as it reminds of his earlier flicks. Even, he could have worked a bit on the script, as the first half is bit dragging. And there are no thrilling twists in the film. Nonetheless, the second half makes the audience to sit on the edge of the seat. The biggest drawback of the film is music. Devi Sri Prasad has failed to deliver his best. Only two songs are praise worthy and the background score is okay. Cinematographer Vetri is at his usual best. He has beautifully captured the village on his lens.

Venghai is for mass and for those who love stereotype films.

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