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Review by : Tamilstar team
Nani, Muthukumar, Karthik Kumar, Nithya Menen, Bindu Madhavi
Joshua Sridhar
Photon Kathaas

Gautham Menon’s resolve to bring movies of a new genre and fresh league is being seen very evident with his recent productions – ‘Nadunisi Naaygal’ and now, ‘Veppam’.

Photon Kathaas, his production house has not disappointed us, again, in terms of a new lease of life in storytelling. But, ‘Veppam’ would not incur the wrath of those conservative film goers, like what ‘Nadunisi Naaygal’ did, as the story and characters slickly blend with us. Thanks to debutant Anjana’s maverick characterization in a realistic setting.

Karthi (Nani) and Balaji (Muthukumar) are two brothers, whose life has come to the streets of the slums after the death of their mother, and a father, who never wanted to be one for them. While Balaji takes responsibility of bringing up his younger brother, rebellious Karthi leads his own life finding love in fellow slum dweller Revathy (Nithya Menen) and friendship in Vishnu (Karthik Kumar), a rugged mechanic and another slum dweller. Viji (Bindu Madhavi), who sells her flesh for money, falls in love with Vishnu.

The love for Viji takes the life of Vishnu to a new twist and he indulges in drug trade. In the duty of rescuing Viji from flesh trade, Karthi joins his friend Vishnu in entering into a drug deal. The new life of business and betrayal takes the friends and their girls to a ‘point-of-no-return’!

Viji is liberated or not, what happens to friends in dangerous drug trade and finally whether the couples unite or not forms the gripping climax of the movie.

Nani, a debutant in Tamil, gets into the skin of the character and fits well leaving no qualms of his Telugu background. Karthik kumar joins Nani in delivering a splendid performance as the original slum dweller. It is sure a surprise for everyone seeing Karthik kumar in this role (as a mechanic) as usually he plays that ‘America Maappillai’ type of roles. Good work friends!

Nithya Menen, though a relatively smaller role, has come out with a neat performance. Her voice sounds very sophisticated that sometimes does not gel well with her character. Bindhu Madhavi, who is another Tamil debutant, plays her role responsibly.

Once touted as the ‘One-film-wonder’ with his famous compositions for ‘Kadhal’, you can expect a big comeback for this talented young Music director. Joshua Sridhar’s score in background is uplifting and the tunes for songs were already a hit. Songs, especially the numbers ‘Mazhai Varum…’ and ‘Kaatril Eeram… ’, lingers on in your mind even after you leave the hall.

Kudos to Om Prakash! He takes you to an incredible journey into the slums of Chennai that you would never have imagined. The dark sides of slums are well portrayed by the perfect lights and shadows. Cinematography is a huge plus of this film.

Anthony’s editing could have been given another look. Sometimes you feel scenes dragging. Art work is good.

You could expect everything in this film what a Gautham Menon’s film would have in his. Anjana Ali Khan has it in her. Gautham Menon had all the trust in her student and she did not disappoint him.

Except a slow pace at some places, the story and screenplay and the characterization never disappoint you. Thanks to Anjana’s good preproduction work. But, she could have given some more serious look into the execution part. It would have been another big blockbuster of a debutant if she had given due care at the screenplay front.

Overall, the film is a good attempt in telling a new story. Watch the film without minding the logic and those predictable scenes.

‘Veppam’ has enough heat. Go and feel it!

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