Kaadu Review

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Review by : Suresh
Vidharth, Samskruthy Shenoy, Samuthirakani, Thambi Ramaiah, Aadukalam Naren, Singampuli, Muthukumar
Stalin Ramalingam
Nehru Nagar Nandhu

Kaadu, directed by Stalin Ramalingam and produced by Nehru Nagar Nandhu in association with Shyam Karthik harps pon a strong message. he forest and the need to preserve it form the crux.

Viddharth plays the hero and Samuthirakani dons a key role in it. Samskruthi is the heroine. The movie boasts of a huge star cast. Yugabharathi has penned all the songs and music is by K.

Though there is a douc feel, there is enough drama in it to woo masses. The movie is centered around Velu (Vidharth). Born and brought up in a village, where everyone's livelihood is based around the forest nearby. Velu is a man of golden heart. For him, the need of the hour is to preserve nature and pass it to the next generation.

But he could not realize his vision happily. As we all know, there are enough challenges involved in maintaining the nature. A lot of anti-socials strive hard to make most money out of the forest.They even use the villagers as their bait.

Karuna (Muthukumar) aspires to become a forest ranger. He shares a good rapport with Velu. The latter has romance in his life in the form of  Poongodi (Samskruthi).

Interestingly in turn of events, Velu lands in jail for smuggling sandalwood and Velu is apprehended by forest ranger Karuna. It is the jail that Velu's life takes a turn. He comes across Nandha (Samuthirakani). The social reformer in nandha binges a sea change in Velu's life.

Now Velu has a steely resolve and a mission to achieve. The battle begins. But did his mission achieve success or not? Watch out Kaadu for more. Scene-stealer is Samuthirakani. He is cool and casual.

He emotes well, while Viddsharth does a wonderful job. He emotes and does well in action scenes too. Samskruthi is tailor-made for the role. Karuna walks away with all applause.

The cast includes Singampuli, Thambi Ramaiah, RNR Manohar, Poo Ram, Aadukalam Naren and TK Kala.

K's music and Rajasekar's stunts add value to the script. Though Kaadu is preachy and loud, it serves a purpose. A message well-conveyed.

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