Vidiyum Munn Review

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Review by : Tamilstar team
Pooja, Malavika, Vinoth Kishan, Lakshmi Ramakrishnan, John Vijay
Balaji K. Kumar
Girishh Gopalakrishnan
PVR Pictures

The movie starts at a railway station where Pooja and 11 year old Malavika escape from the baddies Amarendran and John Vijay tagged alone with few more rowdy elements. The rest of the movie is a wait and watch on whether the duo get caught and killed or escape. An intriguing thriller Vidiyum Munn is about child trafficking with an impressive story line. 

The makers of the film Balaji Kumar is the absolute hero of the film that has no big names, thanks to his presentation style and for learning the art of keeping the audience on tender hooks with his uninterrupted story and screenplay.

Kudos to little Malavika for her expressive acting, be it communicating angry, sadness, happiness or fear her face says it all. Pooja's performance in this film is worth a string of awards. Especially the scenes at the Sirrangam Railway Station while arguing and the climax scene has taken her to a new pinnacle in acting. Baddies Vinoth, Amarendran, John Vijay and other characters have lived their roles.

Camera, editing and music have perfectly blended with the film though the strength of the film is the mesmerizing sound track of Grishh. The movie leaves an impact even after leaving the theater.

Vidiyum Munn : Heralds a new dawn for the blossoming of path breaking movies in Tamil Film Industry.

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