Manjapai Review

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Review by : Suresh
Vimal, Lakshmi Menon, Rajkiran
Naveen Raghavan
N. R. Raghunanthan
Thirupathi Brothers, Sargunam Cinema

It seems to be the season of family entertainers that manages to make an impact with the masses. Now comes Manja Pai. It is a touchy tale about an old man and his grandson.

The bond they share and the love between them forms the crux. Starring Rajkiran and Vimal in the lead, the movie is directed by newbie Raghavan and produced by Sargunam Films in association with NLingusamy and Subash Chandra Bose's Thirupathy Brothers. Lakshmi Menon plays the heroine.

Vimal since Kalavani, has made his mark doing light-hearted themes while Rajkiran is known for his rock solid performance. When the two combines, expectations rise sky-high. Manj Pai, the title is significant for it symbolises those who come from rural areas.

Rajkiran comes from a remote village to meet his grandson Vimal. He settles down in his grandson's apartment in Chennai. His rural ways of living incurs the wrath of the people in the locality. But soon he wins the heart of all.

He comes across Lakshmi menon, who falls head over heels with Vimal. Has the grandfather makes a change in the life of Vimal; and Lakshmi forms the crux.

It is a good attempt by Raghavan, considering this to be his first. Vimal is cool, casual and bubbly. What comes as a surprise is his performance in emotional roles.

Rajkiran is rock solid and does with aplomb. Lakshmi Menon continues from where she left in her last. Three cheers to the rest of the crew. Manja Pai, that has music by Rahunanthan, is a movie that is certainly worth a watch.

Emotional tale

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