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Review by : Tamilstar team
Kamal Haasan, Pooja Kumar, Upendra , Andrea Jeremiah, Rahul Bose , Jaideep Ahlawat
Kamal Haasan
Shankar Ehsaan Loy
Raaj Kamal Films International ,Chandra Haasan

‘Viswaroopam’ by Kamal Haasan has crossed many hassles and has been released today, Jan 24th in Canada. The movie has had tremendous welcome amidst audiences in Canada. It is to be noted that already, there was tremendous protest against the movie.

The story arena of ‘Viswaroopam’ is set in two different places, America and Afghanistan.

The movie opens up in America and the flashback takes the audience to Afghanistan. Then, the movie ends in America. The movie’s climax is such that it hints the second half of ‘Viswaroopam’.

The movie opens with Viswanath (Kamal) and his beautiful young wife Dr Nirupama (Pooja Kumar).
Nirupama ,a middle class girl who plans on completing her higher studies. But her parents force her to marry, Nirupama agrees to the marriage half-heartedly.

The married life progresses for 3 years such that the couple do not have attachment towards each other. But there is no fight between the couple. In the 3 year gap, heroine Nirupama completes her higher studies and turns into a doctor. Hero for the movie, Viswanath is dance master teaching Bharatanatyam. He conducts a dance school. Both husband and wife take up their own route.

Heroine does not desire to continue with the marriage. She contemplates applying for divorce as her husband does not live up to her dreams and as the marriage is uninteresting.

But, there needs to be some reason for that.  Her thought is that no man is perfect, and that every man has a breaking point, also a man could have had teenage love affair. So, the heroine tries finding out the teenage love affair of her husband.

The heroine appoints a private detective to spy upon her husband and give her report.  As the detective is appointed, several shocking truths about the hero come to light.

1. Is he a terrorist?
2. Was he in Taliban?
3. Is he an Indian Intelligence official acting as terrorist?

Kamal Haasan has done Indian Intelligence wing official (RAW).

Kamal joins the Taliban terrorist outfits with the sole reason that he knows Tamil well. The Indian spy helps American army in finding out Osama’s hideout.

Kamal Haasan has done the role of Kathak dancer and Taliban terrorist very well. Every scene shows his dedication to profession and nose for technical nuances.  The entire movie centres terrorism. All of those who emerge as terrorists are Muslims.

The frustration, pain and agony in Taliban outfits are related in the movie. There is no opinion against Islam in the movie. At the same time, the movie does not separate the outfit and Muslim people.

The brutal side to the Taliban shown in American magazines have been cinematized.

If Muslim brothers view the movie with artistic outlook and also with secular outlook, there is no  doubt they would come out with opinion that the movie equals a Hollywood movie.

Since start till end, the movie moves fast. There is no flaw at any place in the movie. As the audience think that interval is nearing, the 2 ½ hr movie ends.

One could hear the audience shout out ‘Once More!’

‘Viswaroopam’ is an Indian movie adhering to Hollywood standards.


‘Viswaroopam’ is Indian movie adhering to Hollywood standards...

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