Wagah Movie Review

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Review by : Lakshmanan Dhoni
vikram prabhu, ramya rao
G. N. R. Kumaravelan
D. Imman
M. Balavishwaanathan

A cross-border love with dose of patriotism and dialogues that heap laurels on jawans guarding the country forms the story of Wagah.

Featuring Vikram Prabhu and Ranya Rao in the lead, the movie is directed by G N R Kumaravel of Haridas fame.

The cast also includes Tulasi, Karunaas, Ajay Ratham among others. Music is by D Imman. Produced by M Balavishwaanathan, the highlight of the movie is that a major portion of it was shot in Kashmir.

Kumaravel, who canned the emotional journey of a dyslexic child in Haridas, has chosen to play to the gallery in Wagah.

Vikram Prabhu plays a youngster from a small village in Tamilnadu who gets posted as a BSF jawan at the Indo-Pakistan border near Wagah. 

There he comes across young girl (Ranya Rao) and falls for her. Furing a communal clash, he comes to know that she is from Pakistan. She had been to Kashmir to visit her maternal grandfather. 

The onus is now on Vikram Prabhu to ensure her safe return. In the process, he is captured by Pakistan army who tortures him. How he escapes from them and finally holds the hands of his beloved forms the rest.

Vikram Prabhu fits the role well. In an action-packed performance, he does give his best. Ranya Rao is bubbly and cute. Karunaas and Ajay Rathnam have a part to play.

All said, it is a movie that oozes patriotism and romance.


Of love & patriotism

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