Yeidhavan Review

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Review by : saravanan
Kalaiyarasan, Satna Titus, Aadukalam Naren, Vela Ramamoorthy
Sakthi Rajasekaran
Paartav Barggo
S. Sudhakaran

Getting a medical college admission is a no easy task these days. It is not just costly but difficult to get admission at the right institute.This has propelled Sakthi Rajasekaran to come out with Yeidhavan, a movie that champions the cause of scam in private medical colleges.

It is fast, furious and fiery. There is a purpose behind the scenes. The filmmaker has worked on the subject and facts are represented at many places. But ha has ensured that it got no documentary feel as the commercial elements like action, romance and comedy are interspread.

Kalaiyarasan, Satna Titus, Vela Ramamoorthy, Aadukalam Naren, Rajkumar, Saretheran, Valavan, Madras Vinoth among others play key roles in the movie. Produced by S Sudhakaran, the movie has music by Partiv Bargoo, stunts by Rocky Prabhakar and camera by Prem Kumar.

After Adhey Kangal, Kalaiyarasan dons the lead role in Yeidhavan. He plays a adorable brother who avenges the killing of his sister. There he unfolds the scam in medical colleges in the process.Kalaiayarasan's sister dreams to become a doctor.

She gets good marks but could not get seat in a government college.Her brother goes around town for a seat in a private medical college and he manages through brokers a seat and pay heavy money to get her admission.

He is shattered when he is informed after admission that the college lost his recognition. He fights against the baddies of the college. Sadly his sister gets killed . Now Kalaiyarasan vows to take revenge and set things right.Kalaiyarasan does a stupendous show.

He is energetic and carries the role in his shoulders well. Satna Titus as his ladylove is good. Adukalam Naren and Vela Ramamoorthy besides Rajkumar, Saretheran, Valavan and Madras Vinoth do a decent job.Music is good by Partiv Bargoo is good. Yeidhavan is a wonderful movie that speaks harsh truth.

Yeidhavan,_ Food for thought

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