Yugam – Movie Review

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Review by : Tamilstar team
Rahul Madhav, Pandu, Muthukalai, Deepthi
Sripavan Sekar

The Tamil movie ‘Yugam’ stars new faces and is a thriller movie.  Like the budget for the movie, the storyline is brief.

The movie starts with death of heroine.  The hero of the movie is blamed for heroine’s death.  As the movie begins with questioning by police, expectation among audience is aroused.

Rahul Madhav and Deepthi are lovers turned married couple.  In the marriage life between the two, a crank call intervenes.  Deepthi receives a crank call with female voice at other end which instigates a crime by demanding that the wife be killed.  In a similar fashion, Rahul Madhav receives call with male voice at other end demanding that husband be killed.

There is mental turmoil between the two to save their lives and also as there is doubt of betrayal of faith.  As both make out that the call is a fake, both share love for each other.  Then, there comes a sudden twist.  At last reason for Deepthi’s death comes to light.

Hero of the movie, Rahul Madhav, does well in scenes in which he needs to show emotions.  Although there is doubt in wife he remains taciturn and emotes well when he stares at his wife with suppressed emotions.

The delivery by heroine Deepthi is impeccable as she shudders at the thought that her husband would kill her by the night.  At last she arouses sympathy in audience.  ‘Super Good Lakshmanan and Co’ have done their role in making audience laugh.

The music composition is by Ponraj.  Two of the songs are impressive.  Also, expectation is triggered among audience out of the background music.  Director Sripavan Sekar has made the movie such that audience is pinned to the seat with anticipation of what would unravel in the next scene.  But the movie defies logic. But, there is sufficient progress in cinematography.

In the beginning, the story is such that the couple shares love for each other.  Then as there is intervention through crank call, wife shudders at the thought of being killed by husband.  Husband doubts his wife’s morality.  Such a twist to the story defies logic.  Although it is quite normal that doubt arises in husband, it makes audience think as to whether husband would not seek explanation from wife.  Also, death of wife fails to make appropriate impact upon audience. 

The scenes after interval seem to drag on and could have been briefer.

But otherwise, the movie stands a proof to the fact that if there is good screenplay a small budget movie could please audience.

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