Yuvan Yuvathi

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Review by : Tamilstar team
Bharath, Sampath, Rima Kallingal,
G N R Kumaravelan
Vijay Antony

This is yet another attempt in Tamil cinema with the genre of romance. And, team ‘Yuvan Yuvathi’ has succeeded in spreading the aroma of love in theatres. Thanks to the efforts taken by director G N R Kumaravelan, hero Bharath and the cameraman Jagadeeswaran. Of course, Vijay Antony also plays his part with his music. The ‘U’ certified film is a neat feel-good romantic outing!

Kathir @ Kathiresan (Bharath), who is a software engineer, is very ambitious. His goals are big. Settling down in the US is his ultimate goal in life. He is a Happy-go-lucky guy and lives a very modern life.

Contrary to his attitude and ambitions, Kathir’s father (Sampath), conservative Zamindar living in the village, has his own plans for his son. He hates love marriages, hates it to the core that once he goes to the extent of killing a boy who falls in love with a girl in the village.

The arrogant behavior of his father and relatives irritates Kathir and he plans to escape from the clutches of his family and village.

The story takes the romance track when Kathir meets Nisha (Rima Kallingal) at the US Consulate where both had come for applying the visa. Nisha loses her passport and she blames Kathir for this. Kathir helps her in getting a new passport and falls in love with Nisha. Both get visas and plan to leave to US.

A twist comes here when Nisha tells Kathir that she is getting married with a boy in US and Kathir is disappointed! Another twist takes the script to a turn when Kathir’s father, mistaking Nisha to be Kathir’s lover, kidnaps her, but Kathir comes to the rescue of Nisha and she is saved.

Yet another twist hits the story when the script takes the audience to Seychelles, where Kathir is shown working as a project manager that nobody from his family knows. And, here comes the surprise – Kathir meets Nisha in a hospital! What had happened to her? What would happen to the couple, whether they get united against the wish of Kathir’s father figures the end of the film. A climax worth watching!

After his outing ‘Ninaithaale Inikkum’ director G N R Kumaravelan has made yet another colourful romantic picture that has brought him a sure success in the attempt. With a neat script and good directorial talents the director scores with this feel-good movie!

Bharath delivers yet another good performance as a chocolate boy. He romances well, dances well and tries to emote well! The actor could have given a little more effort to do those emotional scenes. In some places he stands dry! What happened to the actor who has done stunning performances in ‘Kaadhal’ and ‘Veyyil’? It is high time that the actor should do introspection now!

Rima Kallingal, the Malabar beauty, has made her debut in Tamil with the right film. And, if she understands the trick of enhancing her acting skills this young actress would go places in Kollywood.

The rib-tickling one-liners of Santhanam are a great relief in the movie. He scores points in many scenes where even other actors fail. This comedy actor is a good asset to the movie. Sampath again hits the bull’s eye with his neat performance.

Songs are good and ‘Oh, My Angel…’ blows that breeze on you! Vijay Antony’s background score too is appreciable.

The work of lens man Jagadeeswaran is a big plus for the movie. The beauty of Seychelles is colourfully shown.

Book your ticket for the romantic outing in Seychelles. The trip is worth planning. And, the destination won’t disappoint you! Try it, you feel refreshed and rejuvenated with this neat entertainer!

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