A power move by “Power Star”

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Wednesday, Nov 09, 2011

A power move by “Power Star”

“Power Star” Srinivasan is currently following the Rajini style, in the other words (my way is different way). 
“Lathika” acted by him and which crossed 200 days is screened just for his fans. If we clarify this in Vivek’s style and not in Rajini’s style, it means “ For whom are you making tea when there is no one in the shop?”.
Ok, even if that’s the case, currently he is acting serially in films such as  “Ananda Thollai”, “Mannavan”, “Thiruma”, “Desiya Nedunchalai”, Moolakadai Murugan”.

Being such busy, he has started a new twitter website named “Power Star” Sreenivasan. (It is not known whether it is real “Power Star” or someone is playing with him).

Having joined Twitter website on November 7th, fans have been generous in their appreciation.

So, let’s look at some of the “punches”.

1.I severely condemn people calling you as “actor”. You are a “multifaceted actor” like Kamal.

2.Praise you the leader! I am a great fan of yours. Everyone sees only your film. But I see the poster of your film for 3 hours.

3.There is no doubt that your “Lathika” film will attract the Oscar award jury.

4.Sir, you should act with six packs in your next film.

5.Leader! There is a resemblance of 10 Ajith, 23 Vijay, 4 Kamal in your face.

6.You should surely enter into politics. If you enter into politics only power cut problem will be solved.

7.Leader! For your beauty, you can even act in an English film as hero.

8.There are many stars in the sky but our twitter has only one star, that is power star.

9.If Deepavali means serial crackers, then power star means bombastic.

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