AAA producer complains against STR

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Friday, Dec 01, 2017

AAA producer complains against STR

Michael Rayappan of Global Infotainment has finally opened up. He says, 'Simbu is the reason for huge loss Anbanavan Adangadhavan Asaradhavan (AAA) suffered. His lack of professionalism led me to suffer a huge setback.

Tamil Film producers Council (TFPC) should issue red card against the actor for the welfare of the industry'.AAA, produced by Michael Rayappan and directed by Adhik Ravichander, the movie was out a few months ago only to see empty halls and the ended up a disaster.

There were rumours that Michael Rayappan had filed complaint with TFPC alleging that Simbu had promised to make AAA as a two-part film but he only attended twenty-nine days shoot.

Conforming the reports, Michael Rayappan, said, 'Simbu pleaded me to cast him in AAA. He said that he was almost bankrupt and had no money to even pay people around him. He promised that he will give his best and ensure that AAA come good'.

Though many producers warned me not to work with him, I believed his words and kept faith in his commitment, he added.'After he was formally signed for the project, he hardly turned up for any discussion.

Shooting was impossible for he hardly turned up. On many occasions, we had to pack up for the day without even canning a single shot', he said and added, 'I had been to his house and waited for over four hours to meet him and convince him to attend the shoot'.

Though we paid him the remuneration, he never honoured his commitment. He would turn up at the end of the day with some excuse, Michael Rayappan said.Stating that Simbu lacked professionalism and his antics led him suffer huge loss, Michael Rayappan, said, 'TFPC should issue a red card and ensure that no other producer suffer the pain that I went through'.

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