Aamir Khan brings to light the sordid picture the Indian medical profession presents

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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Aamir Khan brings to light the sordid picture the Indian medical profession presents

Aamir Khan, the coordinator for ‘Satya Maeva Jayathae’ placed demand to the Indian Medical Council’s head that the license of medical practitioners cheating common people should be cancelled.

The program ‘Satya Maeva Jayathae’ is being broadcast in Star Plus, DD and Vijay TV on Sunday morning 11.  This program which is being conducted by Aamir Khan, deals with variety of issues. 

The first week, female infanticide was discussed.  Also, the issue of scanning whether the child is boy or girl, and resorting to abortion of child if it is female was discussed.  This program has sent shock waves across the country.  As a reaction to this, the license of scan centers in Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh, which are responsible for female infanticide have been cancelled. 

Aamir Khan brought to light things happening in the field of medicine in India, and also the sorry picture medical field in India presents.  Those affected participated in the program and their narration shocked everybody.  The current situation of hospitals and medical practitioners demanding huge sum for operations, and then not doing anything constructive to save a life, was brought to light.

The chairman of Indian medical council spoke during the program.  ‘Medicine is not a profession, so it is not to be seen a profession.  It should be done as service.  No medical practitioner should relate the disease to the sick in such a way as to create fear in them.  But the disease should be conveyed.  When medical practitioners are referring sick people to other hospitals, they should not receive commission.’

Currently, not a single medical practitioner follows this discipline.  More than the impact by disease and the following pain, the bill that the hospitals present has more negative impact. 

This message was delivered in movie ‘Ramana’.  ‘Following God, people worship medical practitioners.  Do not cheat people who place trust in you as medical practitioner.’  Most of the corporate hospitals place the knife at the patient’s neck.  Medical practitioners are turning extortionists. 

Only due to lack of faith in government hospitals, middle class seek the corporate hospitals. Even after these hospitals realize the people’s plight, they demand money for the usage of equipments for the concerned patient. License of medical practitioners who are thus betraying trust of people should be cancelled’ said Aamir Khan as he placed demand to the head of Indian medical council.

‘It is not alone that medical practitioners are extortionists, but the price of medicines and drugs are exorbitant.  In Rajasthan, the government has arranged for medicines which are affordable to the poor.   There are differences aplenty between cost of medicines in government pharmacies and private pharmacies.  The poor are caught between the principles of medical practitioners and pharmacies.

Even presently, there are medical practitioners in villages who serve people.  People worship those doctors who cure incurable diseases.  R Muthukrishnan, who is a medical practitioner for forty years, has accepted the sorry picture the medical practitioners present.

Also, he accepted that most of the corporate hospitals have extortionists in plenty.  Also, he related plight of his own relatives affected by such hospitals.

When daughter of carpenter from middle class family was admitted in a critical condition to Madurai Apollo hospital, only after extorting lakhs of rupees, the hospital discharged her.  No corporate hospital follows discipline that is necessary for their functioning.  Also, doctor Muthukrishnan nodded in assent that license of such medical practitioners should be cancelled.

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