Aamir Khan’s Birth Day Wish

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Tuesday, Mar 15, 2016

Aamir Khan’s Birth Day Wish

Aamir Khan who turned 51 on Monday, addressed mediapersons in Mumbai. He also cut a birthday cake.

He revealed that his biggest wish now is to gift his mother’s ancestral home to her — the house where she was born and brought up.

"My ‘ammi’ is 80 years old now. She had a house in Benaras, where she was born and brought up. My biggest dream is to gift her that house," said Aamir.

He was seen wearing a t-shirt that caught the eyes of almost every eye. When asked about it, he revealed that the T-shirt was a gift from his son Azad who had painted that, which his wife Kiran printed it out on a t-shirt.

While addressing the media he said, “People who question me are those who are biased against me”.

He also added that the important thing in the life is that one should be positive and should be aware what he/she is doing and added that they should focus on their positivity and people’s positivity towards them.

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