Actor Sundar and Richa answer rumors about relationship

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Thursday, Nov 08, 2012

Actor Sundar and Richa answer rumors about relationship

Debutant actor Sundar, who starred with Dhanush in Mayakkam Enna and actress Richa seem to have romanced deeply.  Presently, due to difference of opinion, both seem to have severed ties.  Reportedly, Sundar is not able to cope up with separation.

Sundar made it a practice to escort Richa to Five Star Hotel when she lands in Chennai.  Rumors are that both have been romancing very since ‘Mayakkam Enna’.

It was reported that Sundar and Richa are to marry.  Richa gifted Sundar a camera worth Rs 7 Lakhs.  In a development, Richa’s market shot up.

Richa did Simbu’s pair in ‘Osthe’.  Also, she is lead actress in Telugu.  Her remuneration has skyrocketed.  But Sundar does not have movies.  Following this, there was difference of opinion between the two.  Richa evaded Sundar.

Without informing Sundar, Richa visited Chennai.  Richa’s activity irritated Sundar.  Reportedly, he threw and smashed the camera Richa gifted to him. 

Also, Sundar seems to have threatened Richa saying he would jump from top of building and commit suicide if she does not marry him.  But Richa’s manager said that these reports are all rumors. 

Also, Richa’s manager conveyed that since she is busy, she would not think of marriage for another five years.  Also, he condemned saying that some people spread rumors to tarnish Richa’s reputation.  Also, when asked with Sundar, he said that all the reports making rounds are baseless rumors.

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