Actress Anjali goes for secret marriage

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Saturday, Apr 27, 2013

Actress Anjali goes for secret marriage

During those days, Silk Smitha created sensation in cine field. But, of late, reports about Anjali surpass sensation made by Silk Smitha during those days. 

Movie centring Silk Smitha’s life was made, and the movie bagged National Award.  If one attempts going through Anjali’s diary and makes film out of instances in her life, it would sure win an Oscar. 

Director Kalanjiyam has said that actress Anjali has entered secret marriage with a producer. 

Director Kalanjiyam spoke to reporters: -

‘Actress Anjali participated in 15 days of shooting for movie ‘Oor Suttri Puranam’.  Then, she vanished.  Now, my movie schedules are in a standstill. 

They report that Anjali is doing Telugu movie in Pune.  I heard that her mother, brothers Ravi Shankar, Babu, and elder sister Yamini Devi are with her.  Anjali goes to shooting in two cars. 

Anjali takes one car and thugs take the other car.  Reports are rife that Anjali has secretly married a producer.  It is not known as to how far the reports are true.’ 

Also, Kalanjiyam added that Telugu producers hesitate to sign up Anjali for movies as reports say that she is married.

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