Actress Hemasree done to death; husband arrested

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Thursday, Oct 11, 2012

Actress Hemasree done to death; husband arrested

Hemasree, aged 33, has been a Kannada TV actress.  She has done many serials.  Marriage between Hemasree and Surendra Babu was held a few years back.  There is a lot of age difference between Surendra Babu and Hemasree.  Initally, Hemasree did not concede marrying him.

Parents forced her into the marriage. The marriage was held in Tirupathi. After marriage, there was difference of opinion between husband and wife.  Both clashed frequently. 

Hemasree has already lodged complaint with Ulsoor police that Surendra Babu married her without revealing his age.  Also, she added in the complaint that she does not desire living with him.  In a twist, Surendra Babu and Hemasree went to Anantapur, Andhra for participation in occasion at relatives’ home. 

After the occasion was over, both returned to Bangalore in a car.  Then, Hemasree died mysteriously in the car.  Surendra Babu conveyed that Hemasree die out of health setback.  But Hemasree’s father filed complaint with police that she was murdered by her husband.

Police registered the case and sent her body for postmortem.  Doctors, who examined her body, said that there are multiple injuries upon her body.  Also, they conveyed that the injuries were out of blows dealt upon her. Also, doctors said that there is injury upon her head.  Also, there is examination regarding whether poison has been administered. 

Following this, police have arrested Surendra Babu.  The police are grilling Surendra Babu.  Hemasree debuted as child artiste through movie ‘Sirivantha’.  Then, Hemasree acted in television serials.  She contested elections in 2008 on behalf of Janata Dal for the parliament elections and lost the election contest.

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