Actress Mumtaj’s reminiscences of movies with late Rajesh Khanna

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Thursday, Jul 19, 2012

Actress Mumtaj’s reminiscences of movies with late Rajesh Khanna

Heroines who paired up with Rajesh Khanna have come out with reminiscences of their experience in acting with the yesteryear Bollywood superstar.  One among those is Mumtaj.  Both Mumtaj and Rajesh Khanna paired up for eight movies.  All of those are super duper hits.  This is one among achievements by Rajesh Khanna.

Mumtaj spoke about her experience in pairing up with Rajesh Khanna.  Here are excerpts from what she said:

‘Both me and Rajesh Khanna are lucky pairs.  We have not given even one flop movie.  The last movie for which we paired up is ‘Aaynaa’.  He appeared in guest role for the movie.’

The first movie in which we paired up, ‘Dho Rasthe’ turned out a megahit.  The reason for the movie’s success is the songs.  Then later, until I bid adieu to cinemas, I paired up with him for movies all of which turned hits.

‘As I paired up with him, I was able to speak freely with him.  I should say that it is God’s grace that there was tremendous welcome for us amidst fans.’

‘I cannot say that he has number of friends.  But all of Rajesh Khanna’s friends love him deeply.  That is how he maintained his friends circle.  Always, he maintained affection for me.  We both maintained good friendship.  He used to give me lot of tips both during acting and during song sequences for the movie.’

‘As we did Manmohan Desai’s ‘Roti’, a scene required Rajesh Khanna to carry me amidst snow-covered mountains.  Then I was plump.  Rajesh Khanna used to tease me for that.  Every morning, the shooting commences.  Before sun reaches heights, he used to call me by pet name and then carry me amidst those mountains.  That is the climax for the movie.  The scene alone was shot for eight days.  For those eight days, he used to carry me upon him.  Out of that, Rajesh Khanna’s shoulders turned red.’

‘It is not alone me who has sensed the void that formed out of Rajesh Khanna’s demise… there is that void sensed by every one of his fans…’ said Mumtaj.

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