Actress Shreya’s glamour pose for magazine

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Tuesday, Aug 14, 2012

Actress Shreya’s glamour pose for magazine

Actress Shreya decorates the cover page of this month’s edition of the popular Maxim magazine.

The glamour she has presented for the cover page is abundant and this has taken co actresses by surprise.  Following pose for the magazine Shreya seems to be getting new chances.

This is not the first time that Shreya gives pose for magazine ‘Maxim’.  Already, they have taken a photograph.

This time there seems to be huge development and it is almost a pose.

Shreya, speaking regarding the photographs said ‘I know my limits.  I adhere to my limits when I give pose.  I have interest in revealing beauty.  I am happy that the whole country speaks of my glamour.’

Some co actresses have alleged that the abundant glamour is a tactic to get new chances.

Of course, everybody makes such efforts…

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