Adhik Ravichandran slashes all rumours

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Wednesday, Sep 23, 2015

Adhik Ravichandran slashes all rumours

Adhik Ravichandran's Trisha Illana Nayanthara has become a huge hit among the youth but this adult comedy venture has not went on well with all audience especially women audience. It was reported that when the director visited the theatre the female audience in there were trying to drive away him as they got hurt by the sentiments of the film. 

Talking about this to the director he slashed out this as rumours stating that these were baseless and also said that he met few ladies in theatres like Abirami and Sangam and they took it all sportingly.

He also said that they requested him to make more woman-friendly film next time. He also shook hands with them and also thanked them for accepting the film in the right spirit.

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