Aishwarya participates in ‘Jesudoss 50’ held at Kochi

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Thursday, Feb 09, 2012

Aishwarya participates in ‘Jesudoss 50’ held at Kochi

Popular singer KJ Jesudoss has completed 50 years of playback singing. Program named ‘Jesudoss 50’ celebrating his completion of 50 years in music field was held in Kochi.  In this, traditional music maestros participated.  Popular music icons including Music Maestro Ilayaraja and Bala Murali Krishna participated in the program.

Rajini who originally planned to participate was not able to present himself due to unavoidable circumstances.  Rajini sent his elder daughter Aishwarya on his behalf.

Jesudoss and Ilayaraja welcomed Aishwarya with much warmth.

‘I desired very much to participate in the event.  But I was not able to do so.  Voice of Jesudoss has played important role in my movies.  I wish him all success in music career’ mentioned Rajini in his message to Jesudoss.  As Aishwarya read through Rajini’s message, the whole hall applauded in response.

Aishwarya later mentioned that while returning from Kochi she had opportunity to sit besides both Jesudoss and Bala Murali Krihsna.  She added that it was a warm experience.

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